Jun 27, 2020

πŸ™Œ ~ SoTW's Higher Self Message (channeled through my holistic doctor) ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰"September of 2020: More and more UFO sightings in form of "real' galactic entities and their (mother) ships will appear in our skies and they will (not) allow the second wave of Corona to destroy humanity ability to evolve! The TRUTH about (Wuhan) Coronavirus and Fake Agenda will be revealed through Mainstream TelevisionπŸ‘ˆ] ... {I got some assistance from Louis, a Holistic / Naturopathic / Shamanic medicine doctor via kinesiology, to inquire about major events that affect us globally. And no, I'm not Nostradamus, but I do listen and trust my intuitions, gut feeling and open heart-center and what my Guardian Angels and Higher Self tells me} ... BTW - Mike Quinsey just said;πŸ“‘"that Some secrets are becoming too big to conceal much longer, and it is likely there will be some revelations in the near future, but at a time when it is safe to do so. You see strange craft in your skies, yet not so strange as they are part of your Space Fleet. They have been long developed mainly by back engineering crashed craft that go back quite a long time. With it came a great leap in your technology, although in real terms you are way behind those civilisations that have existed for thousands of years and have inter-stellar craft."πŸ“‘... Whether you believe in Real UFO's, Human MIC-SSP or CIA/NASA's tri-dimensional optical laser to project holographic images and sounds "Blue Beam”, real benevolent 5D and beyond beings are here, just outside LEO to support us, humans, in any way possible... |

Published on June 27th, 2020 by Verdensalt.dk 
Your Higher Self is you. Your Higher Self is the real you, your total soul-consciousness. The part of YOU that lives here on Earth is just a projection of consciousness into your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the more complete part of you, the one that does not get frustrated with the veil being pulled down upon us as we incarnate that makes us forget where we came from. The higher self is the one part of your possession of your spiritual contract, the plan you made for yourself before you incarnated. Your Higher Self holds the divine plan, the very instructions for the plan of your life, in its hollow hand.
Your Higher Self is like a withdrawn consciousness offering its wisdom and directions as to where the bottle is pointing. Sometimes these directions can take a long time to get through to your subconscious. But there are ways to directly access wisdom and your Higher Self by bypassing one's subconscious.
Your Higher Self is not "out there" in the ether around you. Your Higher Self is you, your consciousness, in your body.
It is only you who set the wheels and experience what you came here to learn before you were incarnated, over and over again. It is you who have your own feelings, in response to your thoughts, that create your reality. It is you who set it up as a mechanism and can use it as a "spiritual" feedback on where you are going in your life....

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