June 03, 2020

😔💔🚸 ~ (#SaveYourChildren) Education or propaganda? Nickelodeon makes children watch 9 MINUTES of ‘I can’t breathe’ BLM commercial, polarizing parents ~ | Blogger: [✊Veeeeery sick entertainment for kids! Disney and mass media companies like Viacom, sends out subliminal messages in childrens cartoons and animations🤘] .... EVERYONE who's working for the Deep State (DS) or Cabal (Ka (spirit) ballah (of the god Ba’al)=Set=Satan) has been activated like sleeper cells and being rolled out to serve their MASTER!... That is why police and alike are taking a knee - just like NFL players protesting and why celebrities rushed to Twitter to share their views on the protests, some cheering on the rioters in no uncertain terms... I don't buy into all that unrest and demonstrations in several cities in the United States and EU following new cases of police violence against blacks, staged police cars and tanker truck, plowing into George Floyd protesters and Black Lives Matter march turns chaotic in Paris etc... It's ALL a Setup!.. And of course SoTW's prayers go out to the recent 46-year-old George Floyd died during a brutal arrest, but THIS RIGHT HERE! should be the FRUSTRATIONS (anger) about the FAKE COVID-19 LOCKDOWNS and NOT about PlannedDemic Race Riots... |

Black Lives Matter protest, The Hague, Netherlands
Burnside Bridge with their hands behind their back

Source (RT.com)

Children’s TV network Nickelodeon went silent for nearly nine minutes as a gesture of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. But pushing social-justice rhetoric on such a young audience has rubbed many the wrong way.

The channel, owned by Viacom, stopped its transmission for eight minutes and 46 seconds on Tuesday “in support of justice, equality, and human rights,” presenting children with a black screen on which the phrase “I can’t breathe” faded in and out, timed with audio of a person breathing. That spot was preceded by a promotion scrolling Nickelodeon’s “Declaration of Kids’ Rights” over an orange background and a pledge to “stand in solidarity” with “Black colleagues, creators, partners, and audiences” while condemning racism and violence.(READ MORE)

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