Jun 22, 2020

🍭 ~ 💗 David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley: Prophecies Fulfilled! (6/21) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Follow the money: Join Dannion, David, & Elizabeth for this Special 5-Week Online LIVE training - Regular Price $533 Introductory Offer $333 (Save $200 Today)👈] ... Sorry guys! I'm so CONFUSED!... I'm NOT trying to launch into a backstabbing mode, and I do thank David Wilcock and Dannion Brinkley for all their work they do for Humanity, however, after 3 hours inside of this most interesting and intriguing (FREE) video broadcast, we're all being moronized! Why the heck is David Wilcock STOPPING Dannion Brinkley, his "dying" wish (a deathbed story?), EVERY SINGLE second he's "trying'' to spill the beans and name names? To protect David Wilcock himself and his family or his expensive special 5-week online training course?... With all due respect, it's like taking candy from a baby... If nobody speaks up and naming names, we're not gonna stop this shitshow of the SSP and the Cabal... 💟PS: (Dannion Brinkley NDE! Dead and back 4 times!) -- In September 1975 Dannion Brinkley was talking on the telephone during a thunderstorm when he was struck by lightning and 'died'. He was clinically dead for more than 20 minutes. But between leaving his body and returning to it, he had an extraordinary experience... |

2 hours 50 minutes and 20 seconds in the prograsm... 
Trump speech... 


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