Apr 12, 2020

🦠👮⚖️ ~ Canada: Police to Make Home Visits to Check Quarantine Compliance ~ | Blogger: [🙁WHAAAT!!???😨] ... Who is Behind it all? Who is Funding? The 0,01% who owns 40% of the world's Wealth, Money & Control? Who else, will benefit and has ties to the Economic Collapse, and unite us all into ONE world currency, under ONE nation, and create a Global community, below the 0,01%? Why are Politicians playing along with the "hidden hand" and the Pharmaceutical Industry? Why are The LameStream Media gone totally CRAZY? Because 6 corporations control 90% of the Media in the world and are restricted by the CIA who paid and threatened journalists to do Its work under Operation Mockingbird? What are the names of these Fear Warmongers & Disease Profiteers?. Why is it necessary to implement Orwellian Draconian Laws to bring down people begging on their knees for mercy? Why is necessary to restrict our Freedom by making laws about Compulsory Vaccination, by monitoring us through our Mobiles and force us into our Homes?. What is the next Phase? N.Y.C. closes schools for Academic Year 2020 - what are the Agenda behind Cuomo's decision to do that? Has there been connections to symptoms of Electromagnetic Radiation and COVID 19, which is this 5G network? Why are Anti-5G fever spreading from UK, to Netherlands as towers suffer ‘arson and sabotage’? Was the Survivalists and Preppers community, right all along? What's Canada' next move?. Why are People so lazy and will not hear the truth? How long will 'We the People', put up with it all?. We are the 99,99%. The hidden power of Elites - Cabal - or Illuminati is real and so are 'We the People' who seek dignity in life, even as we remain subdued and humiliated. 'We the People' seek Life, Peace, Justice and Dignity for ALL mankind and ALL living Souls on Mother GAIA. Many American states empower ordinary citizens to act as vigilantes using lethal force. Do we really want to be a nation of Dirty Harrys? No. Stand Your Ground laws has no meaning for Humanity, but WHO is our peaceful saviour then? Trump? With his Mercy Ships bringing Hope & Healing and Justice? Our Galactic friends in the skies? No. There's a reason why UK pledges £200 million to WHO and charities in aftermath of Trump’s threat to freeze US financial support for watchd.. It's all on us, 'We the People', who has the POWER if we stick together... |


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