Apr 27, 2020

🌌 ~ πŸ’— Allison Coe: 2020 Update πŸ’• ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰Please note that this short 14 minute interview aired on Jan 31, 2020πŸ‘ˆ] ... Wauuu! Wauuu! Wauuu!!!😊... Allison Coe is promoting stuff that 99.9 percent of her own family don't believe in and many naysayers are hitting her hard (but I think she's aaaaaamazing). However, Allison Coe, she's still a down to earth kinda girl/person - like you and me. At the same time, she's funny, lively and charismatic. My own mood barometer rose significantly, after this and other of Allison Coe' videos 🌑️🌑️🌑️+++... PS: Do you remember the now deceased, but amazing and well known Dolores Cannon? She also used Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and SoTW meet another amazing woman at Awake & Aware conference in London in 2018 (Simon Parkes, Project Camelot). Her name is Liz Vincent, Past Life and This life Hypnotherapy Regression Specialist. SoTW sad down on the english lawn and really listen to Liz and her life experiences with other people Quantum Healing sessions and she has a very deep understand and knowledge - and knows Allison Coe of course... ☝️ BTW, on a side note, as I have stated before, and Simon confirms this, black helicopters patrolled the area at Awake & Aware conference/venue in London. Simon and Kerry was warned beforehand on psychic attacks or EMF weapons happened. Simon lost his voice (so I didn't manage to talk to him). However, at the end of the conference, we had a great dinner and I personally had a chat with Peter Paget, who do briefings to the UK MP's, among many many things and meet some very spiritual enlightened people. Of course Kerry Cassidy was swamped with people, so I didn't manage to talk to her and Simon Parkes, had already left the party, very early in the conference... |

Allison CoeMy name is Allison and I'm a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner living in Portland, OR, USA. I do hypnosis and dream interpretations. I set up this channel to share portions of my QHHT sessions that I deem beneficial to the public, and dreams that are sent to me from all over the world that I have interpreted. For more information on Quantum Healing Hypnosis please visit my website at www.soulfocus-hypnosis.com - I'd love to answer any of your questions.

These are a series of clips put together from Allison Coe's interview by Candace Craw-Goldman from Quantum Healers. Allison shares client notes from her Quantum Healing sessions about the significant events that will happen and are already happening on 2020. The interview aired on Jan 31, 2020. Watch the full interview https://youtu.be/FS1B97EPA8k Allison Coe YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4AI...


Liz Vincent is a Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Expert based in Harley Street, London

D.HYP PLR(MHF) SQHP. Dip.CBT. ABNLP. Adv-EFT. CRSST. Adv-ThetaHealer™. Cert:EMDR. Reiki Master. IAART. MPLTA.

Homepage: https://awakening2hypnosis.com/


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