Mar 16, 2020

πŸ’°➕🦠 ~ GOLDMaN SLACKS Leading COVID-19 Nordea Bank Protector Is Also The Biggest Money Laundering Banking Cartel Scandal on Danish Soil ~ | Blogger: Will the Nordic Biggest bank, Nordea's city departments and branches in Denmark be the 1st to close down when governments Stage 2 and Stage 3, 600,000 infected Corona-fear & history of The Spanish flu panicking soon after OMX Copenhagen Index & Dow drops to three-year low as stocks tumble again?. Nordea's new CEO brakes fall in revenue, but profits cut in half... In recent years, Nordea has offered a cocktail with an uncommon taste for Nordea's management and shareholders. From 2014 to 2018, revenue fell from DKK 40 billion to DKK 32 billion In five years, almost a third of the bank's market capitalization has been shaved off. Nowadays, it's half... Who will "protect" them now? The Elites and Govt Bank Packages? GOLDMaN SLACKS and their master, the Investment bank, N.M. Rothschild & Sons? The Digitization and Cashless society? FinTech and Blockchain?. Investment in COVID-19-vaccine like they did with Ebola-vaccine agreement with Bavarian Nordic and US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson's subsidiary Janssen?... President & Group CEO at Nordea 2020 is Frank Vang-Jensen, who was fired as the top manager of Svenska Handelsbanken. A Harvard Business School old-fashioned gentleman, who is enmeshed into the corrupt Wall Street culture... |

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