Feb 25, 2020

πŸ“‘ ~ Into the DEEP In Pursuit of Truth Presents ~ | Blogger: [πŸ›°️And Now for Something Completely Different....πŸ€”] ... {40,000 Satellites. 5D, 5G, USAF StarLink, Skynet-ish, NeoLink, Space Force, SpaceX and the Human Trap?} ... SpaceX to play bigger role in this 'Massive' live-fire Air Force exercise, event on Apr 8, 2020, already tested in 2019 (The Air Force Experimental Advanced Battle Management System)... Elon Musk net worth is $43.6 billion on paper, but with bonuses to complete his goal until 2025, Tesla, crosses the $103 billion mark... If everything goes to plan, StarLink is estimated to generate $30-50 billion a year, and, to put this into perspective, the market potential for Internet connectivity is much larger (as much as $1 trillion per Elon Musk), and Starlink could find a sweet spot if it can deliver the Internet globally at speeds and prices that are competitive with cable and fiber providers... To top that, the top military branches, USAF, Lockheed Martin and Virgin Orbit, are they using SpaceX StarLink program for a new Skynet version? Why has the Air Force tested its experimental Advanced Battle Management System that will connect air, sea, land and space assets?. Is SpaceX StarLink a military operated program, not only to entrap humanity in a 5G deadlock, but apparently also, a military strategic platform... |

Source (In Pursuit of Truth)

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