November 29, 2019

💸 ~ Afslører at finansdirektør slipper billigt i skat (E.B.) ~ | Blogger: HAT-TRICK -- GN Store Nord has more than 24 employees, but also a director, employed as a "researcher". The German CEO, Marcus Desimoni, earns DKK 11.6 million a year and pays only 32.84 percent in taxes, in comparison to normal, 52,02 pct. In other words, Marcus Desimoni, has 649.213 kr to himself, each month... Who cares, says, Bo Nilsson, CEO of Nets A/S - I got almost DKK 2 billion in bonuses and my biggest customer is the danish government and danish taxpayers (satire)... |

Tyskeren Marcus Desimoni tjener 11,6 millioner kroner om året og betaler kun 32,84 procent i skat, fordi han er ansat på forskerordningen


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