Oct 17, 2019

🚜 ~ WATCH: Dutch farmers clog roads with tractors & machinery over climate change blame (RT) ~ | Blogger: [🧑‍🌾Waaauv! ... In Holland? Great for Them👨‍🌾]... We're seen it in France, many many times, when french farmers spraying shit in Paris or dumped tonnes of dung at French parliament, but never, ever in Denmark... Why? Because, Denmark, is world famous for its agriculture and food and politicians are protecting them, like there's no tomorrow... Secondly, danish people never go all in public and demonstrate, by the thousands, unless it's about the climate hoax, their trade unions are calling for the fight for welfare, or the authorities are trying to alter the living conditions of our kids (like for minimum standards in the country's crèches and kindergartens)... Just think about it... Mass meditation, mass protests and mass action, could literally CHANGE the world... It is the most important and effective tool activity when it comes to shifting planetary energies a more positive direction and supporting the clearing activities of the Galactic Forces of Light. This means the mass arrests, global currency revaluation, release of suppressed technologies, and contact with our galactic families... Mass protests in Hong Kong (china dictatorship), Indonesia (economic and political reform backdown), Barcelona (jailing of Catalan politicians), Iraq (foreign invasion), London (banks & fossil fuels), South America (poverty and corruption), point to similar problems facing a world of leaders, who is rotten to the core and not helping, it's people.... DID YOU KNOW, It is scientifically proven that mass meditation significantly raises the earth's frequency !!!! 💙 |

..Traffic on some of the busiest roads in the Netherlands ground to a halt on Wednesday as Dutch farmers ramped up protests against farming taking the rap for climate change ..


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