Oct 6, 2019

🐠 ~ Q Comm/Intel Proof: Military Reserves Prepare (The GoldFish Report) | No 394 - short 20 min | Blogger: [πŸ’£Prepping for CIA Coup & Adam Schiff Treason. Link To Pedophile Ring in L.A.⚔️] ... Basically, the Goldfish report is about the 'COUP' which Trump claims Democrats are using to a mean for impeachment and to strip Americans of rights and the civil WAR, lurking under the Moon ... IF, you believe in the storyline, that Cabal is to start a Major war or Red False Flag... The fact is that nobody can deny, that a MASSIVE explosion took place at Siberian ammunition depot and it looked like a smaller mushroom cloud from the atomic bombing... Why is QAnon offline and 8Chan down? Greg Hamilton says that the "QDrops" will never come (alive) again... 🌎 PS: (Why has the world become chaotic?) -- If you trust the mainstream news, a lot of strange things has gone wrong : 🚩 (RT) Turkish troops amass at Syrian border after Erdogan announces IMMINENT incursion. Why? ... 🚩 (MSM media) There's death toll from Iraqi's mass civil unrest and protests that reaches 100 and even if the govt has no (magic) solution, they promised to pass a new law granting poor families a basic income, which is a good thing, but don't solve the problem, at hand ... 🚩 (MSM media) Then we have thousands that march for Scottish independence, since the HOAX about BREXIT, is closing in ... 🚩 (Daily mail) Out of the blue, we have a deaf 'Islamic convert' is named as Paris police HQ attacker, which is almost for certain, looks like a False Flag ops ... 🚩 (MSM media) Very strangely, North Korea, has broken off working-level nuclear talks with the US shortly after they started at the outskirts of Sweden’s Stockholm ... 🚩 (ZeroHedge) is talking about the India bank crisis that has stopped functioning and people are crying outside bank branches ... 🚩 (News sky) has a weird story about a US diplomat's wife that is suspected of involvement in fatal road crash has left UK, fled to US and people are asking for Trump's help to apprehend her and put her in prison ... 🚩 (RT) An oil pipeline carrying crude across the Andes has been bombed, resulting in a fire and spillage into the local river. Which of couse is a climate catastrophe ... 🚩 (The Hill) is saying, that Trump suggests Schiff be arrested for treason for exaggerating call with Ukraine and Steve Pieczenik talks about Adam Schiff is in to some satanic pedogate at Standard Hotel in Los Angeles and many others, like ex-CIA and ex-FBI operative, the deep state, which is ready for a major CIA coup... |

On The GoldFish Report No 394, Twitter Q-Proofer Greg Hamilton from Beautiful Day Patriots United joins Louisa to put out a message found in the intel and comms for October. The message is a precaution to Americans and as always check it with your own timestamp gap code and news.


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