Oct 18, 2019

๐Ÿ‘ฝ ~ Project Serpo: A Top-Secret Human Exchange Program and Interplanetary Travel (nemesis maturity) ~ | Blogger: Woooow! What was that!. A must-see...๐Ÿ‘ |

In 2005, an anonymous source sent a series of emails to a UFO Discussion Group led by former U.S. Government Employee Victor Martinez. 
These emails detailed the existence of an Exchange Program between the U.S. Government and the Ebens – alien beings from Serpo, a planet from the Zeta Reticuli Star System. The program was thus called Project Serpo. 

The source identified himself as a retired employee of the government, claiming he had participated in a special program. 

The program’s origins lay with the two UFO crashes in New Mexico in 1947, the famous Roswell incident and another one in Corona.

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