Oct 2, 2019

πŸ›Έ ~ No aliens, no party: Poor turnout for Area 51 raid kills UFO fanatics’ festival (reddit) ~ | Blogger : [πŸ“…Down memory lane : When right and wrong are both correct at the same time. ‘Storm Area 51’ Vegas - been there, done that. Never again!?πŸ€”] ... I (verdensalt) did attend the free freak-show downtown Las Vegas Area 51 party and lost money on buying alienstockparking (Alienstock Festival at Rachel, NV) that was a HOAX. Besides the DJ playing house and techno, nothing of the extraordinary happen in Vegas... Should i be mad at Matty Roberts, the man behind the "Storm Area 51" movement, which i spend money on, Little A'Le'Inn or Nevada innkeepers, nooo... I already knew the hole thing was FAKE, back in July of 2019, when the new kid on the block, California resident Matty Roberts, FB promoter and fearful advocating, to break out of the deal. Back then, the Storm Area 51-Commander-in-Chief were having an anxiety or panic attack, that FBI, would destroy his livelihood (sure they could of course) but would they, nooo... So it turned into a cash-cow Budweiser Vegas Event and let me tell you, never seen so much police and security in Vegas, for a few hundreds youngsters, running around and watching, a show of nothingness. But, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Nevada land owners and military did a perfect job, trying to SCARE people away. They even tweeted, that the government was ready to use B-2 nuclear-capable bombers to protect the secrets held inside the classified Area 51 facility... |


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