Oct 10, 2019

πŸ’£ ~ AUSTRIA : Explosion at waste plant near Linz Airport, also prolongs border checks with Slovenia and Hungary. German shooter planned 'massacre' in 'terror' attack in Halle - prosecutor. Denmark's 16 new unprecedented law altering terrifying radical move for a surveillance State (DW) ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘» Conspiracy School : Occult / Pagan October Holidays & Sabbats - The False (Spiritual) Esoteric Societies and Holy Orders Festivitas in Full MotionπŸŽƒ] ... {I'm sorry beautiful light beings, verdensalt, cannot always hold your hand around the campfire, singing Kumbaya and getting the joy joy joy down in your spiritual beating heart!!} ... October is DARK VS LIGHT mother of illuminati satanic celebrations and that is why we are going through so many False Flags ops (believe what you want to)... As we approach the end of October, there will be more dark rituals performed by the Cabal, especially on the day before Halloween on October 30, Halloween on October 31, Samhain on November 1st and All Souls Day on November 2nd, which is also the Day of the Dead... After that, the 'Winter Solstice' celebrations pertains to 'Sun Worshiping' and cash-cow Christmas comes into effect... Cabal will do EVERYTHING in their power to create as much drama, panic and deception, to put everyone on high alert, in a pro-Orwellian fashion, installing the FEAR into the Masses, by magic trick and illusions, to make you look away, to the amazing life, has to offer... It's all by design, to MAINTAIN or FORCE your ego-defensive function and unconsciousness mind, in SHOCK, so all governments, are able to CONTROL and TAKE OVER... To Serve and Protect does not mean, you should give-in to the authorities by milking you're body-energy-soul dry, and strip you from your identity, uniqueness and energetic power... |


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