Sep 7, 2019

☠️ ~ Tysk sprøjteforbud lægger pres på den danske regering (TV2 Fnys News) | Blogger: [💚The Green SuperState Of The World, Denmark. NOPE! Oligarchs Still Rules The World. Maersk Oil, Dong-Energy and Polluted Electrified Windmills, Sold to Highest Bidder, For Money🛢️] ... (ENG) Danish farmers (still) use (extremely strong and linked to carcinogenic to humans) glyphosate for the removal of grain, rapeseed and peas to ensure a uniform harvest and against weeds. But Germany is to ban use of glyphosate weedkiller by end of 2023 and puts pressure on the Greenest of them all, the socialist-communist parties and Denmark's green energy future is built on offshore wind? French oil giant TOTAL S.A. fracking who bought up Maersk Oil for $7.5BN, and DONG Energy completed decommissioning the world's first offshore wind farm, Vindeby Offshore Wind Farm. Selling Greenland may be out of the question but Ida Auken, a member of the centre-left Social Liberal (Radikale Venstre) party and former environment minister, says in a video posted to Twitter earlier this month, that she has a much better deal to offer Trump: WIND POWER!!!. Anyways, Trump, got what he wanted out of Denmark : "military escalation"... |

Germany to ban use of glyphosate weedkiller by end of 2023
World’s First Offshore Wind Farm Disappears from Horizon (Video)
Danish politician goes viral with video offering Trump 'great deal' on windmills

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