Sep 1, 2019

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RV/Intelligence Alert - "Shockwave" - September 1, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

China will be continually weakened via economic pressure over the next few months.

President Trump will continue to cut off trade and bring home all US businesses operating in China.

Also, China is currently walking on thin ice with the situation in Hong Kong.

The possibility of another "Tiananmen Massacre" is on the verge of occurring.

Either scenario will result in the people of China to revolt against their communist totalitarian government and call for reforms (similar to Hong Kong except nationwide).

The Earth Alliance expects the Chinese government to surrender and begin reforms prior to any destabilization or revolt.

Another communist totalitarian government is North Korea.
Kim Jong-un is aware of the Earth Alliance's agenda (GESARA) and is willing to accept unification of the Korean Peninsula.

Communism must be eradicated worldwide as it cannot exist post-transition.

According to sources, Iraq will become the first country to officially use the gold standard.

This will send a shockwave through the global economy triggering the collapse of the fiat financial system and causing the US Dollar to drop significantly.

DECLAS will continue while the US Dollar drops and the Federal Reserve will be blamed.

Meanwhile, the Stock Market will also begin collapsing simultaneously.

President Trump will declare a State of Emergency and return to the gold standard via Executive Order to save the US Dollar.

Once the gold standard returns, the Federal Reserve will be abolished.

The Iraqi Dinar will be the first currency to be redeemed.

Other currencies will be redeemed once revalued after the IMF announces a global gold treaty calling on all countries to use the gold standard.


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