Sep 8, 2019

🔌 ~ Norway’s electric car miracle is a smug national fraud built on subsidizing rich people with Teslas (RT) ~ | Blogger: [☝️6000 Secret U.S. Patents Concerning Anti-aging and Health, along with Free Energy Technologies. SPTO to Keep Patents deemed “Detrimental to The National Security” on Lockdown🤐] ... Similar to : "Stop selling new petrol and diesel-fuelled cars by 2030, more electric cars" meme, by Danish government... AS one of the commentaries said and verdensalt totally agrees: ".. Getting rid of the lithium battery will require a sarcophagus just like the one to dispose of the nuclear waste, because of its toxicity to the environment. Not only that, the extraction of Lithium is far onerous than say the extraction of oil - will require lots of water and energy. The Lithium mine is an open cut mine, just like the coal mine, nothing different. Coal is bad but the Lithium is good? Plus, for countries like Australia, the electric vehicle is a doozy. I feel that we are going backwards, not forward".. |

SpaceX's 'Starman' and Its Tesla Roadster Beyond Mars

The government in Oslo spending billions of oil export dollars to help the affluent buy an electric second car they wouldn’t otherwise want is European environmentalism at its phoniest and most hare-brained...

..(...).. But how has this incredible outlying result been achieved? Pure shameless bribery from the state. 

By dropping VAT, CO2 tax and weight tax a Tesla imported for $70k becomes cheaper than an Audi that cost $35k when it crossed the Norwegian border. Add in the lowered road tax and free passage through toll roads, free places on ferries and free parking, as well as the difference in the fuel price, such cars are 75 percent cheaper to operate...(...)...

The U.S. Government’s Secret Inventions

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