Sep 3, 2019

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1 - 8 September 2019
  • 1 September - Mercury trine Uranus - Venus trine Saturn
  • 2 September - Sun conjunct Mars - Venus square Jupiter
  • 3 September - Sun conjunct Mercury
  • 4 September - Venus opposite Neptune
  • 5 September - Mercury trine Saturn
  • 6 September - Sun trine Saturn - Venus trine Pluto
  • 8 September - Sun square Venus - Vercury trine Pluto

Getting the Message

Watch as September starts a domino chain of unstoppable events. If you didn’t get the message at last Friday’s Virgo Super New Moon, it will be impossible to avoid it now. So what was it again?

“This is not a rehearsal. The countdown to 2020 - a year unlike anything you’ve experienced before - has started. From now on, everything matters.”

The time-lines have switched and will accelerate towards January 12 2020, doubling every month. There is now no pause between life events.This week,there are multiple new cycles re-aligning us all in ways we’ve never before experienced. Each of us is being re-wired in unique ways-emotionally, physically, mentally and etherically. Remember, embodiment comes personalised-there’s no one size fits all.

In September, Saturn turns forward conjunct the Karmic South Node of Fate opposite Sirius. The Lord of Time and Karma will not change direction again in Capricorn until 2048 so this is a not-to-be-repeated opportunity to build a permanent platform for growth during the four months remaining before the contractive squeeze of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction in January 2020.

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This week’s massive gathering of planets in Earth is about getting your act together on all levels and making it work on the material plane. Mercury has joined Mars/Venus/the Sun/Orcus in Virgo - creating a huge stellium of all the inner planets aligning with Lord of Karma Saturn in Capricorn, Awakener Uranus in Taurus and expansionist Jupiter on the Great Attractor.

No cutting corners. No superficiality. No more waiting until you’re “ready”.

The Chandra Symbol for Sun conjunct Mars Virgo 10:
A pin cushion

“This is a gathering point, a focus of awareness, a sphere of sharp, clear intent. We have agreed to serve in a very particular way. And we are holding ourselves to this task with acumen, precise applied capacity. All of us go into this together. The sense is that we are working off our Small Self so we can breathe into this space with a deeper kind of self-surrender, the kind where we get ourselves back refreshed, restored.”

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