Sep 27, 2019

πŸ‘Ό ~ πŸ’“ Beginners Mind Meditation: Change Your Perspective, Change Your World (Steve Nobel) πŸ’•~ |

This meditation is about opening the mind to see and experience a different world. The world you see and experience is more fluid in nature than you realise. Some things you thought were true may no longer seem so. Some things that seemed improbable may seem more probable. Allow your innermost truth to reveal more of the beauty joy and magic of this world.

Practicing the beginner’s mind is about putting aside any preconceived ideas. When you let go of the ‘I know’ stance, this allows the space for something new to emerge. The beginner’s mind recognizes that the intellectual thinking mind has its limits. When the intellectual mind is given a well-deserved rest, new ways of thinking and relating can arise. The beginner’s mind is a place of adventure, play and discovery. It is also a place of innocence and great wisdom. When we adopt the beginners mind then the world around us will seem to magically shift

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