Aug 11, 2019

👤 ~ (DK) Mette Frederiksen forsvarer omstridt post til personlig rådgiver (policywatch) ~ | .. (ENG) PM of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, defends disputed post to personal advisor, Martin Rossen (a.k.a. Douglas Coe) .. | Blogger: [🤴 There's a New King in Town ~ Above Parliamentary Immunity & Most Powerful Man in the Kingdom. Nute Gunray, Viceroy of the Trade Federation who conspired with the Sith Lord Darth Sidious a.k.a. Deputy Prime Minister of Denmark, Chief of Staff, Martin Rossen. Most powerful Man over New Socialist-Communist Govt of Ministers, in Danish Realm, The Faroe Islands and Greenland of the Kingdom of Dano–Norwegian Realm🦁] ... {A GLIMPSE OF LIFE BEHIND THE BERLIN WALL & MATRIX MACHINE CITY. THE (HOMOEROTIC) CHRISTIAN CABAL THAT YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF:} -- Prayer, Politics and Power: ‘The Family’ - Netflix miniserie .. | ..From the Illuminati to the freemasons to QAnon, there’s no shortage of conspiracy theories trying to explain how power is accumulated and shared in Washington, D.C or Rothschild family owned country, like DENMARK... IMAGINE -- being part of the executive board. The right hand is authorized to make any decision on any responsibility on behalf of the director. If the right hand wants to overrule a decision made by you or the CFO or sales director, he should simply point out that the decision is not in line with the company's overall strategy. And, legally, the CEO's new invention floats around in no-man's land. The right hand is extremely powerful. But he cannot be hanged on his decisions. CRAZY RIGHT🤪. The enormous powerful viceroy, 1st time ever, in danish history is NOT, something verdensalt has cooked up, this is coming from the danish Lame Stream Media, last few months... Frank Underwood from House of Cards, would go berzerk. Fellowship head Douglas Coe, who died in 2017, that ruled the SECRET Christian Deep State over U.S. presidents, for more than 50 years and Denmark, has a similar organisation?... 📌 PS: I normally don't watch censored, historical negationism or corrupted docuseries from Hollywood streaming media, controlled by the cabal, the Illuminati, the Order of 33, the geopolitical plutocratic elite, the Bilderberg Group (whatever).. But, ‘The Family’ - the new Netflix miniserie, would perhaps be a shocking new revelation from the inside power structure, you never ever heard of... |

(Left) Martin Rossen, (right) New PM of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen

Blogger: A completely unique and new powerful position in Danish politics - which even surpasses several of the government's own ministers. Danish Socialist-Communist Govt & PM, Mette Frederiksen and her ViceRoy, Martin Rossen, is gathering and forming soldiers to a Special Operations Command inside the Machine City of Centraladministration. A 3 man-team of political strategy of Über Spin Doctors, to rule the World on defends of Politicization of Top Civil Servants in the Danish Civil Service, only seen in China (and America)!

The following is taken from Radiostation & program 24syv Morgen / Mogens Lykketoft / Det, vi taler om, and danish news media):

  • Salary : DKK 100.000 per-month + pension
  • In charge: of a new political secretariat in the Prime Minister's Office, as well as, member of the Economy and coordinating committees (Civil Servant has NEVER been inside these committees before) 
  • Official People Manager:  Permanent Secretary of State, Prime Minister's Office, Christian Kettel Thomsen (but, Hiring and firing - only Prime Minister or somebody else?)
  • Above the danish Constitution of laws: 
    • Cannot answer any questions towards Section 20 in parliament or by any journalists / interviews!?
    • Above The Constitutional Act of the Kingdom of Denmark!?
    • More powerful than Speaker of the Danish Parliament!?
    • Parliamentary immunity!?
    • Overrule other civil servants & full (minister) members of the same Council configuration!?
    • Liaison officer to other Minister's office!?
    • Special Political Consultant or Spin Doctor, eyes and ears to Denmark's Prime Minister 
    • etc.

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