Aug 26, 2019

🙎 ~ Danish MP Ignites Twitter, Offering Donald Trump ‘Much Better Deal’ Than Buying Greenland ~ | Blogger: [👅TRUMP = 'SULKING LIKE A SCHOOLGIRL', Says Cambridge Analytica Hack Mockingjay Denmark's Socialist-Communist Queen Of Climate Hoaxes Political Powerful Auken-Clan Davos WEF, Illuminati Gathering. While Powerelites In G7 Sucking Up Trump Powerman. The Deal of The Century, After BREXIT. Money Power Glory🤑] ... {🤪Building an Immunity to Fake News : 'Windmills cause cancer' jibe backfires on Trump? President Trump recycled a grab bag of debunked claims about wind turbines 'killing birds, causing cancer, and knocking out your TV'👉} ... ☝️FACT CHECKING : Wind energy currently accounts for about 8 percent of the total energy output in the United States. As of April 2019, the Global Wind Energy Council estimates that wind energy is now active in more than 90 countries — 30 of which have more than 1 gigawatt of wind installed, nine of those countries with 10 GW of capacity. Denmark has the highest share of wind (41 percent) in Europe, followed by Ireland (28 percent) and Portugal (24 percent). Germany, Spain and the UK follow with 21 percent, 19 percent and 18 percent respectively ... ☝️HEALTH RELATED FACTS = “Wind-Turbine Syndrome” or exposure to invisible, inaudible phenomenon: "Electromagnetic Fields" = Health effects that are related to wind turbine operation [electromagnetic fields (EMF), shadow flicker, audible noise, low-frequency noise, infrasound]... The rapidly spinning blades of huge wind turbines have an effect on their surroundings, and it goes beyond aesthetics. Symptoms of wind-turbine syndrome might include: ⇛ Headaches ⇛ Sleep problems ⇛ Night terrors ⇛ Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) ⇛ Mood problems (irritability, anxiety) ⇛ Concentration and memory problems ⇛ Issues with equilibrium, dizziness and nausea... ☝️ LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER : The now deceased, Svend Auken, was in the audience at Fidel Castro and scoffed Ronald Reagan... "Along with Aukens spoon for communist dictatorships, he fought the United States with "all his heart", and his role in the footnote politics of the 1980s could not be defended then, and not at all now. Svend Auken and Lasse Budtz went after the US and Reagan, not Breshnev, Chernenko, Antropov and the Communist East Bloc. The emotional approach to politics was never lost, and it was little surprise that, as Minister for the Environment in the late 1990s, he spoke of the coming disaster with a rhetoric known from revival meetings. Svend Auken's political work ended with a commitment to Church asylum. Here his meta-religious commitment could unfold, and from that point it was an appropriate ending - here he didn't do any harm" ~ uriasposten ... |

Denmark’s former minister for the environment, Ida Auken, has mocked US President Donald Trump in the wake of his spat with the Scandinavian country over his idea of purchasing the world’s largest island. The POTUS postponed his meeting with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen after she called his idea "absurd", while he branded her "nasty”.

Do Wind Turbines Cause Health Problems?
Svend Auken, 1943-2009

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