Aug 14, 2019

🐼 ~ China says Hong Kong airport protesters 'acted like terrorists’ (the jakarta post) ~ | Blogger: [🚫Is China surrounded by countries that are scared of Chinese power because of world has grown far too dependent on China as a manufacturing giant?🚷] .. THE MILLION-DOLLAR QUESTION -- Will the new danish socialist-communist government and other nations like United Nations human rights body, who (says) they will take aim at Hong Kong police brutality, and the totalitarian Chinese central govt dominance over HK and Taiwan (Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous territory under Chinese sovereignty), do ANYTHING at all? Or is HK a new Yemen, one of the Arab world's poorest countries, that has been devastated by a civil war and all nations has put blinders on, to the oligarchy dictatorship totalitarian monarchy with Islamist lines, Saudi Arabian-led intervention, who everyone is DEEPLY depended on, for oil???... |

Pro-democracy protesters holds placards against the police brutality and the controversial extradition bill at Hong Kong's international airport on August 12, 2019. Hong Kong airport authorities cancelled all remaining departing and arriving flights at the major travel hub on August 12, after thousands of protesters entered the arrivals hall to stage a demonstration. (AFP/Manan Vatsyayana )

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