Jun 25, 2019

🍭 Verdensalt | ~ Mommy, Mommy! Look What I Can See, Monkey Do. Look A Turtle! A Doggie! A Sun. A Rainbow. Sky with Zebra Stripes! Why Are These Colorful Stars and Stripes Back & Why Are The Sun So Flattened, Smooshy And Broken up, Mom!? ~ | Blogger: [🌀️Why SRM : Stopping The Active Wave of Etheric Spiritual Energies from our Sun and Universe⌛] ... OUR SUN, is (not) all about Sun worshippers showing off the tan lines, or harmful UVA and UVB rays... It's about the Vitamin D given off from the sun (Sun Gazing) is a vital part of wellness and health... We have been deceived to think that the sun is our enemy, and we should lather sunscreen poisons on the largest organ of the body (skin) and wear sunglasses to block it from harming us!... As it turned out that the sun which nothing lives without its existence, is the main health energy source to the pineal gland. It’s like food to this little organ. When we deprive ourselves from the sun we shut the door in the face of our health, intelligence and spiritual advancement beyond our wildest dreams!... But of course, we also must use our judgement to prevent sunburn from occurring... |

Taken the last days (June 19-25, 2019)... compelling new pictures from the North Zealand of Denmark ... they will do everything in their power to hide the the Real Sun (and use Sun simulator in front) - Solar radiation management (SRM)... 

Near the CPH airport and The Oresund Bridge

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