Nov 12, 2018

I AM Avatar via childrenofthesun | Nov 12, 2018 | ~ CALIFORNIA FIRES ~ Emergency Appeal ~ | Blogger: Excerpt from news bulletin... 🔦PS: From BF: "..There is plenty of evidence that the Khazarians set off wildfires in California and staged yet another mass shooting incident there to try to get federal funds and distract public attention from the election thefts, the Pentagon sources say. However, “a kamikaze or divine wind burned down the homes of Hollywood elites, celebrities, and liberals in Malibu,” the sources note...(..)"... |



California is again experiencing ferocious wildfires and what is expected to be the deadliest and most destructive fire outbreaks in state history.

Many fires are engulfing the state and are continuing to spread into densely populated communities and the sacred nature.

The Camp Fire in northern California has burned down more than 6,700 homes, even taking an entire town. In southern California, the continuing Woolsey Fire has scorched nearly 90,000 acres with evacuation orders in effect for a quarter million people in Ventura and Los Angeles counties.


One of the most powerful things we can do to assist this dire situation is to call in the divine intervention and consciously merge with the forces of the elementsto help bring calm to the winds and intentional rain.

Will you join us in this group activity and as soon as possible?

Below is an invocation activity to give support to your calls. Please say it with full conviction followed by a brief meditative visualization.

For more information, please google the California fires.

Let's go into action now!! ... (..)...