Nov 7, 2018

COBRA Portal for Planetary Liberation | Nov 7, 2018 EDT | ~ Phase Transition ~ | Blogger: has been given permission to share posts from this specific group... And i'm absolutely blessed and I'm very grateful for that...πŸ™ Victory of The Light ... |

"Phase transition is a process in physics that happens also in society.

So when you put a certain amount of energy into a society it begins to behave like water that is boiling. So what we’re experiencing now is this boiling water, it is all this dissent in human society, all of this questioning, seeking.

All of this restlessness in human society is a reflection of this cosmic change.

When a certain amount of energy is brought into that system the water begins to boil. It begins to change into vapor and this is what is happening with human society. It is going through a phase transition.

The moment of the phase transition is the Event.

It is a sudden change which can be felt before hand a little bit. It can be expected but when it happens it’s a sudden transition. It’s a quantum leap. And this is the way transitions happen in nature. They don’t happen gradually. Phase transitions happen suddenly and this is what is going to occur because we simply do not have time.

We do not have millennia to wait. We are actually responding to cosmic forces that are triggering this transition. They are guiding us through this transition so it can happen as fast as possible as harmoniously as possible.

Human race are known for taking one part of this transition, but it is a global cosmic event and each of us of course plays a role in this event." - COBRA