Oct 26, 2018

RT | Oct 26, 2018 | ~ ‘Terror for dummies’? IDF gets #FallingStarChallenge all wrong… and even steals RT joke! ~ | Blogger: [💣Pipe bombs mailing service in America, Hanford nuclear plant employees told 'take cover' over incident - reports. Russia’s FSB busts ISIS cell planning terrorist acts in Moscow💣] ... 🔴ALERT!!!... Be aware of FALSE FLAG by the hundreds until U.S. midterm elections 2018 and THE EVENT, will take place... But wait... We ARE the EVENT.. The EVENT is here!!.. The EVENT is NOW!!!.. It's ALL in us and around us... I'ts has already been manifested or infused into our avatar, into our spirit soul & body... Believing is seeing and seeing is believing... One of the crucial first steps in any process that lets us learn how to think differently is to begin with questioning our own assumptions and the mental models we employ ... Chaos before the bedlam!?... Nooo... There is chaos before the calm and it will HURT like never before, also in the eye of a Hurricane, but rest assured, that the forces of light will prevail over the power of darkness... |

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