Oct 29, 2018

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Commandment: Thou Shalt Seek, Know, Embody, and Maintain Thy Divine Self In Total Union With God

Affirmation: I Am The Journey To Knowing, Embodying, and Maintaining My Divine Self in Total Union with God

So what is this Divine-Self? The Divine-Self, is the Living Embodiment Love, Peace, and Presence that is your natural State of Being. However, the conditioning of the world, and the system of money, power, and greed has made this natural state inaccessible to most humans.

This natural state, also called your Divine Truth, must be earnestly sought through your spiritual journey back into the knowing of the True Self, the Immortal Soul, beyond the human ego, that can never be taken from you. It is the “I AM” aspect of you, that was before time and persists after the passing of the body.

The Latin words “Nosce Te Ipsum”, meaning “Know Thyself” are the ancient calling to this spiritual process of Divine-Self Realization, or Self Discovery. The commandment is a call to give up the world of human ego, and the throw yourself fully into the process of spiritual awakening.

To live in Divine Truth is the Live in union with God, but it also means to live in harmony with all other beings and honor all other life, including animals, equally under God.

This world has become dense with social chains and confinements, preventing spiritual seekers from uncovering their Divine Truth and it takes an intense and earnest commitment, often a literal journey through the world, to fully know and understand the True Self. We recommend taking this journey by leaving all attachments, possessions, family, and money, behind until you uncover your True Self.

Once you have understood your Divine Truth, it becomes your remaining life commitment to embody and maintain that Truth in your everyday life and to help others on their own missions to Divine Realization.