Oct 13, 2018

Josh at FFTF \\ Theverge \\ securitypledge | Oct 13, 2018 | ~ Facebook: enough ~ | Blogger: [💌Love is the most powerful force on Earth💑] ... 💬 FACEBOOK, THE DEEP STATE, OUR CONTROLLERS - ENOUGH!!!! ... To give you a very 'short' update about David Icke in Copenhagen on Friday 12th October ... Little did i know, my energy level would be so low before, during and after David Icke... Something incredible happened to me recently after some unique profound conferences in Budapest and Bucegi Mountains... Perception, spiritual connection and the reiki attunement or whatever that is, has been uplifting me with some visions and manifestations, that's really out of this world... Soooo going into Copenhagen recently, has left me with hangover, due to the dark energy surroundings and peoples collective consciousness, which puts me straight on a dizzying spiral... At the same time, David Icke, was located on the scene in a movie theater, Palads, on a dark stage... no lights... I talked to some people afterwards, and we got the feeling that the material was for newbies, no new stuff that could blow anybody's mind... After 2-3 hours i almost left, but had company with me, so i was staying to the very end... ⚠️But, please remember, what i perceive from my point of view or awareness, doesn't mean, the next person sitting next to me, was not all excited and happy from David's performance and venue⚠️... Did call in Lord Michael for traveling protecting with a violet flame and at the same time, my 3d eye and crown chakra, was spinning like crazy, i was definitely protected and had sent some to my loved one, and she could feel it right away... Yes, i have found the most beautiful, soulmate and angelic goddess queen, of my life💓 (that's another story)... Did say hello to Mads Palsvig, and talked to the founder from SoTR, we meet all the time... All i'm saying, David is not my thing anymore and i'm on a much stronger path or mission, going forward... ❓Manifesting or openly intentions comes to reality!?.. How do you mean!?... Examples: When i sent out affirmations, manifestations, decree and declaring, it just HAPPENS... Last night going home in the train, 3G didn't work underground, was not able to pay for a electronic train ticket, at the precise same time, a woman standing next to me, was offering hers for free (Culture Night) ... At the Sund Livsstil venue in Øksnehallen, didn't have a voucher looking through my mails on my phone, the same second, a woman gave me a free ticket ... Not long ago, i could sense we needed some healing in my family, especially my sister, money weise, and asked my mother for advance on the inheritance and she was afraid it would get ugly with me dad, but suddenly he was perfectly happy about it ... Sent some strong intention to my girlfriends because she was in a bad spot, afraid of speaking out regarding another spouse of hers, baaaam!!! This other person, did what she was supposed to and turned into a positive thing ... I own a house, and has not been in a job since last october of 2017. Sooo, i ask the bank for a better loan, he return back to me, i don't have to pay for one of the loan in 2018, as in NO PAYMENT ... and i could go on (and on).... I'm telling you, something is going on and since the EVENT is already in the Now, schumann resonance is going bananas, i'm sure of, that my love connections towards everything, protections from the pleiadians, giving up control, ego and recognizing my own strength, my new love and after i went into the xxx healing chamber, better detox and healthy food, something aaaaamazing happen to me... And no, i'm NOT allowed to talk about the healing chamber, at this stage - AS IN, AT ALL... Thanks for listening...🙏 |

Facebook just admitted that hackers accessed 29 million users’ personal info including their email, phone number, location, religion, and more during last month’s mega breach.1

This is really dangerous. This information can easily be used for identity fraud and could easily be sold to the highest bidder.

These data breaches won’t stop until we put limits on what tech companies collect and make sure there are tough penalties for putting us at risk. We have to make them do better.

Sign our Security Pledge to pressure tech companies to take real steps to keep our personal data safe.


We desperately need companies like Facebook to move away from their data harvesting business model that just put 29 million people’s data at risk. This has to stop.

Sign our Security Pledge now to help pressure tech companies to respect our privacy.

You in?

-Josh, on behalf of FFTF


1. The Verge: https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/12/17968302/facebook-hacker-personal-details-29-million-accounts