Jul 6, 2018

The All News Pipeline | July 6, 2018 | ~ Massive Evidence The Monstrously Evil 'Elite Class' In America, Including Bill And Hillary Clinton, Delight In Torture And Murder And Especially, The Deaths Of Young Children (VIDEOS) ~ | Blogger: 🧙Whaaat? Surprise? Not really ... You have nooooooo idea about Crooked Hillary Demonic Possession. She's not a little old sweet bag lady ... ⚠️ PS: Acc. to Steve Quayle, ANP came under MASSIVE DDoS attack, after posting this article! ... |

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

I have always said that everything is revealed in the patterns. It is easy to ignore this or that fact regarding, say, the JFK killing, or this or that piece of evidence. But when you look with open eyes and an open mind at the overall pattern, it jumps right out at you, and you ask yourself how you could ever have failed to see the obvious. And the smaller patterns, like the JFK and RFK killings, Waco, OKC, and 9/11 combine into larger ones clearly pointing to a monstrously evil elite class who delight in torture and murder, and, especially, the death of small children.

Why else did the Clintons target the “compound” at Waco and gas and burn alive twenty children and infants, along with the adults? Why else did they bomb the Murrah Building in OKC, with its daycare center? A woman who witnessed the aftermath of that was particularly horrified to see a row of dead babies lying on broken glass.

And these are the same elites who hate Christians and observant Jews and Judeo-Christian morality. These are the people who are insanely obsessed with their Satanic rite of abortion and especially love late term and partial birth abortion. These are the people who assure us that homosexuals and lesbians and those who mutilate themselves sexually to become what they can never be are morally superior to those of us who accept the role assigned us by nature’s God and attempt to make the most of it.

These are the creatures insisting on genderless bathrooms and locker rooms in schools, and on early sex “education” encouraging promiscuity and perversion. Could there be truth in the persistent rumors that our masters practice widespread sexual perversion with children, and even torture and murder (Satanic sacrifice), and (possibly) cannibalism and vampirism?

One of the first books to chronicle some of the claims of widespread child sex by the elites was The Franklin Coverup by former Congressman John W. DeCamp, published in 1992. It all began with investigation (for fraud ) of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska. But then one Alisha Owen claimed to have been sexually abused by the Omaha Police Chief and the manager of Franklin…so she was sent to prison. The manager was Lawrence (Larry) King, a prominent Black Republican. According to investigators, evidence leaked out about money laundering, drug dealing, child prostitution and trafficking and pornography.

Also found, it is claimed, were links between the principles at Franklin and officials of nearby Boy’s Town, a Catholic institution supposedly dedicated to helping young boys, but having its own homosexual scandals. There were claims of widespread homosexuality in the FBI, an organization that, in addition to its other activities that have come to light in recent years, denies that there is any widespread child abuse in the US. The Harriman clan of railroad fame backed King, as did Warren Buffett’s wife. George I (Bush) is claimed to have attended at least one of King’s parties. The Nebraska legislator sent one Gary Caradori to investigate it all, but he and his eight year old son died 7/11/1990 in an unexplained plane crash. A man named Craig Spence supposedly pimped child prostitutes for the DC elite, and was “suicided in 11/1988.

Most of these allegations have never been proven in court, but, like I said…look at the pattern. One of DeCamp’s main investigators was retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson. I don’t generally trust the FBI, but I talked with Mr. Gunderson a year or two before his death, and he at least subjectively impressed me as being honorable and competent.

Meanwhile, at the Child Development Center of the Presidio Army base in San Francisco, a worker there, former Baptist minister Gary Willard Hambright, was arrested for sexually abusing underage girls and boys, several of whom contracted the STD Chlamydia. The abuse appears to have begun around 1985 and continued through 1987. Some investigators estimate that such abuse occurs at ten percent or more of Army daycare centers. An arson fire at the Presidio destroyed all the records.

But the Presidio had acquired a sinister reputation even earlier. San Francisco was home to Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan…and also to the Bohemian Club, and also was Jim Jones’ recruiting center for his future mass murder victims; the San Francisco Democrat establishment, including Diane Slimestein, made him Director of Public Housing. An Army officer, Michael Aquino, joined the Satanic Church but in 1975 broke away and founded his own Temple of Set (Set was the evil Egyptian god who murdered his brother Osiris). His cult members were mainly Army personnel from the Presidio, including several other commissioned officers; the San Francisco police notified the Army, but Army officials were okay with Satanism in the ranks. And from 1980 to 1986 Aquino was also a teacher at Golden Gate University. In 1987 Aquino and his wife were accused of sexually assaulting a little girl, but this was never proven. But note how all of this fits in with the claims made in The Franklin Coverup about widespread child sexual abuse by US military personnel.

In 1987 the Washington Post reported on a sinister cult commune who called themselves the “Finders.” Allegedly some 40 members, led by a man named Marion Pettie, did magical rituals and sexually abused underage children, mainly in the DC area, and two men from the cult were caught with children not their own, children who at least superficially appeared to have been abused. Investigators also claim to have found photos of nude children and of sadistic animal sacrifices. DC police inexplicably dropped the charges, and allegedly the DOJ ordered an end to any investigations of the cult, citing “national security.” I think we’ve all heard than one before. The cult allegedly had CIA links, and Pettie even admitted that his wife worked for the CIA and his son for Air America (the CIA’s airline).

Of course, Slick Willy Clinton’s promiscuity is legendary, and recently we have all learned that one Jeffrey Epstein has flown Slick, Prince Andrew, the late Stephen Hawking (!) and others to his private Caribbean “Lolita Island” to have sex with underage girls. Slick visited the place (actually Little St. James Island in the US Virgin Islands 26 times.

More recently, the NXIVM sex cult surfaced, headed by Keith Raniere, and it includes as subordinate leaders such people as actress Allison Mack and the two fabulously wealthy Bronfman sisters, Sara and Clare. Their father made his fortune producing the Seagram Seven brand of liquor, and in the twenties the Bronfman clan worked actively with the violent bootleggers, the Purple Gang. The Bronfman sisters belong to the Clinton “Global Initiative.” There are unconfirmed rumors that the cult sold children to the Clintons and the Rothschilds.

Clinton henchman Larry Nichols claimed years ago that the Witch Hillary used to regularly visit a witch’s coven in California. And in 4/18 she definitely joined a coven of female witches called “The Wing.” Their official symbol is a (Satanic) inverted pentagram. Senators Kristin Gillibrand and Diane Slimestein also allegedly belong to the cult, or at least have attended some meetings, and Lena Dunham is one of its founders. One of its members has openly boasted of pacts with demons and sacrifices, and the Wing has posted a drawing of witches sacrificing babies to Satan, and slogans like “Hex on NRA” and “Curse for Trump.”

Incredibly, there is even more evidence linking the Witch Hillary and the left in general to Satanism and witchcraft. John Podesta was the Witch’s campaign chairman, Hussein Obama’s Counselor, and Slick Willy Clinton’s Chief of Staff. His brother Tony Podesta is a lobbyist representing China and Saudi Arabia among other nations, whose house is allegedly filled with pictures of nude teenagers He is also a crony of the “spirit cooking,” self-mutilating witch Marina Abramovic, who cooks up a mixture of human blood, breast milk, semen, and urine, according to a reipe she obtained from the writings of the late Satanist Aleister Crowley. She also hangs out with John Podesta.

John and Tony are also close associates of the homosexual owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza, James Alefantis, listed by GQ as “one of the fifty most powerful people in Washington.” How so, if he is merely the owner of a pizza store? Yet he visited Hussein Obama’s White House at least five times. And Alefantis, also, is a close associate of Marina Abramovic.

Obviously, the fact that cronies of the Witch Hillary hang out with a “spirit cooking” witch proves nothing. But we keep seeing the same patterns over and over and over. The Witch Hillary, her closest cronies, and other leading Demoncraps have links to pagan, even Satanic cults. And these are the same people who support abortion and the sexual pervert agenda, and who clearly hate Christians and Jews and Judeo-Christian morality. These are the same people whose insane policies may utterly destroy what remains of our late, great Republic. Let me suggest something: they are all literally devil worshippers; the devils they worship are real; and we must never, ever submit to them or even compromise with them. They and their ultimate master are the ancient enemies of Humanity.

William B Stoecker