May 24, 2018

The All News Pipeline | May 24, 2018 | ~ President Trump Slams 'Criminal Deep State' As Spy Scandal Blows Up In The Faces Of The Vermin Who Fabricated It And Former Trump Advisor Warns: 'This Is Just The Beginning' ~ | .. - Will Obama Birth Certificate Fraud Come To Light? President Trump Noted Mysterious Death 5 Years Ago .. | Blogger: [💩IS THE SWAMP BEING DRAINED?💩] .. | .. WITCH HUNT! Trump confuses Twitter with unexplained tweet .. | .. Spygate: Trump slams ‘criminal deep state’ over reports of informants in campaign .. | .. Macron arriving for ‘demanding dialogue’ with Putin, but France is in poor position to dictate terms .. |

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

During Barack Obama's 'reign of terror' over America I was once asked by a friend who was a long-time US government employee why I 'hated' the government so much and my answer to them was clearly unexpected. "I don't hate the government, I merely despise CORRUPT government" I replied though this person chose not to see the corruption that I spoke of.

But on December 12th of 2013, now President Trump saw the corruption I saw clearly when he put out the tweet seen below the day after a mysterious plane crash killed Loretta Fuddy, the former Hawaii State Health Director who just happened to have been the person who "verified" Barack Obama's "birth certificate". Trump also mentioned the mysteriousness of Fuddy being the only person killed in that crash after the pilot landed the plane on the water, getting everybody else out alive, except for the very person who had officially declared Obama to be a US citizen.....