May 26, 2018

CBS News | May 16, 2018 | ~ Police: Ind. school gunman asked to be excused from class, returned with 2 handguns (shooting that left a teacher and student injured) ~ | Blogger: [👁️ (There's) Always Something Going Down To Capture and Hold People's Attention 👀] ... Problem-Reaction-Solution = ... 1. - Urban Terror: A Hollywood-style crisis actor or MK-Ultra first person shooter (cell) wounds or kills students ... 2. - (sweepstakes or rat race) CIA Operation Mockingbird Mass-Media-Outlets & Militarization of Sheriff's Police - saves the day by acting heroic (and get a bunch of mafia money to shut up) ... 3. - Political Governmental Body: Sents in crisis actors to chants at anti-gun rally (parents in panic, school survivors on a anti-gun rally spree), more surveillance, more government milizalisation & control, more fear and submission etc. etc. ... |