Jan 7, 2018

Weather Winter News | Jan 7, 2017 | Dangerously Cold Temperatures Grip the Northeast to Close the Weekend | Blogger: Story Highlights: America is colder than MARS! East Coast shivers in record deep freeze as the thermometer plunges to -13F with a windchill factor of -100f in parts of New Hampshire leaving experts warning of frostbite in 10 MINUTES -- Planes collide at JFK amid ‘bomb cyclone’ chaos -- The winter cruise from hell: Ship carrying 4,000 passengers is battered by 30-feet swells and hurricane force winds as it sailed directly INTO the winter 'bomb cyclone' on way to Bahamas before turning back... |

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Record Breaking Low Temperatures in Northeast

Sunday morning saw record breaking temperatures across parts of the Northeast. But there is good news, things will start to warm up to start the week.