Dec 30, 2017

Fox News Alert | Dec 30, 2017 CET | State Dept. releases Huma Abedin emails from Weiner's laptop | Blogger: (Trump's revenge? Was Anthony Weiner, the former politician and now convicted federal sex offender, a fall guy, for Hillary? ) -- At least five of the 2,800 emails stored on a laptop belonging to former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner were marked “confidential” and involved delicate talks with Middle Eastern leaders and Hillary Clinton’s top aide. Soooo - why do FBI and Sate Dept. letting Crooked Hillary & Abedin off the hook and run free, with leaking classified informations? Fox is also making an important statement: 'If US Dept. of Justice, do not open a honest and transparent criminal investigation, this time, as opposed to the shamed investigation that went wrong the last time, where Obama admin. protecting Hillary, for their prefered candidate for the presidency, we might as well throw all these laws out'.. Where do Comey fit in? Trump fired, faulted the FBI director for releasing “derogatory information”.. Why do we never get the REAL TRUTH... |