December 31, 2017

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Corey Goode Here Comes The GLOBAL STORM!. By SBA Facebook.

Here comes the “GLOBAL STORM”! Human Trafficking and Slavery will be ended by the Alliance!

BIG things are happening right now.

The backbone of the Global Human Trafficking industry is being broken by ongoing Alliance operations that have resulted in the deaths and arrests of tens of thousands of perpetrators around the world and has rescued scores more of their victims.

Many in the media are aware of this. There has been an information blackout ordered by the deep state to buy them time and also by the Alliance for operational security.

I’m told that a few members of the media, including one anchor from Fox News, has been brought to a location and shown evidence and then briefed.
Corey Goode Here Comes 

If this is true, then there should be some in depth articles and news about the operation to bring down Human Trafficking in 2018.

2018 should be a very interesting year indeed.

Further Commentary by Corey Goode

We are ALL going to lament voting for these people after they are exposed. Republicans and Democrats.

When we find out how both sides have been played against each other we may finally begin to find some common ground.

Since the 1963 Coup, its all beenmore of a sham than it was before.

All I can say is sit back and watch as this unfolds over the next few months. These operations are indeed ongoing.

We will find this whole Dem Vs Rep thing we have been caught up in is a HUGE misdirection and form of controlling the population. IMHO.


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Corey Goode Here Comes The GLOBAL STORM!