Dec 8, 2017

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I have a number of VERY exciting items of news to share! But first a personal note:

I have spent the last year or more in a process of pretty intense spiritual transformation. My own spiritual growth has taken me to some very unexpected places. I've integrated aspects of my spiritual being that I never knew existed and changed parts of my life that I thought would be "forever". It has been an intense, wild ride. Certainly it was not always pleasant or fun. I REALLY had to work with my Shadow, with my fears, with my own internal spiritual and emotional pain. And the result is that I find myself emerging as, very nearly, a whole new person! It feels as if I am beginning a whole new incarnation, inside this same body, inside this same life. Except the body is also changing to become its best, healthiest self and my life is changing to become something altogether more joyful and exciting. I'll have to find a way to tell all of this in writing so that I can share it with those of you who have taken a personal interest in my story.

But the upshot of all this is that I really feel as if I am emerging from this transformation now. Like a butterfly from its chrysalis, it feels as if a period of stillness was necessary for some profound change. And it feels as if that stillness is now coming to an end for me.

So that's me. Now those items of very exciting news:

Two New Items From Adamu!

1. Those of you who are following along with Adamu's Six Sacred Steps will be pleased to hear that the fifth step, Emotion, has now been released. This is the most powerful step of all for re-creating your reality.

You can find the entire Adamu Speaks series here:

... Or you can leap right into this, the latest step, Emotion, here:
As always, both the video and its full text transcript are available on this webpage.

2. I had a personal conversation with Adamu about my own struggles with "getting things done". I found myself holding onto a limiting belief about myself being a procrastinator that, ironically, was actually getting in the way of my own productivity. And also causing me a whole lot of unnecessary pain. Though this was a "personal" conversation... Adamu asked me to share it. He was firmly of the opinion that others would find it useful. Or, at the very least, interesting. So I have released it as a blog post.

You can find my blog section here:

 ... and you can find this latest post called, "Adamu: Why is The Next Release Taking SO LONG?" over here:
I do hope this conversation will help some of my readers with their own limitations and procrastinations!

... but now for my MOST exciting news of all...

I get a lot of mail from folks who have been following along with my writings and videos (particularly the Adamu releases) who want to know when they can expect to receive the next, latest update.

This is often a very reasonable question, as sometimes there are very long gaps between releases. As I write this, it has been FOUR MONTHS since my last Adamu release! In that time, my readers have not heard a peep out of me. And this is, sadly, not the first such long hiatus in my writing output. I’d love to have a regular schedule, according to which I bring out a major release each month and have some blog posts in-between - perhaps weekly. But I simply cannot get there. Until very recently I have judged myself and blamed myself for this. I felt there was something wrong with me that I needed to work on to get to a place where I was producing more regularly. And then, today, a rather obvious thought struck me: why don’t I ask Adamu for his input on this! So I did, and what I got back from him was most informative indeed. Transformative actually. But also, at the same time, a lot of what Adamu shared with me was quite personal to me. And there were certainly parts of this communiqué that I would, under normal circumstances, never have wanted to publish. I have, you see, profound discomfort with coming across as self-aggrandizing. And some of what Adamu had to say to me was… quite flattering to me. So I would simply not have published this. I would have considered it to be one of the many, very useful, conversations I have had with him, and moved on. But, as you will see, Adamu has strongly encouraged me to publish this. He is quite clear that this may be useful to others who perhaps share my struggle with “getting productive” and with “procrastination”. And he is equally clear that my discomfort with potential ego-puffery is not something I need to concern myself with.

So I am sharing this. Because Adamu asked. And because I am choosing not to be motivated by my fears. There is also the added benefit that, whenever someone asks me when they can expect a new release, I can just point them at this conversation. So, here it is…

Zingdad: Adamu, I’d like to talk to you about something personal to me.

Adamu: With what can I help, my friend?

Z: Quite a simple question today, Adamu. I don’t know if this is something you can help me with. But I ask you because it impacts you.

The question, in its simplest form is, “Why can I not get going with the material I should be receiving from you?”

Sometimes I sit here and nothing comes. Sometimes I get bits and pieces, but they don’t hang together correctly and I know it’s not right and I end up deleting what I have written. But mostly I just don’t feel it. Mostly the feeling is that I should be doing something other than writing. Is that laziness? Procrastination? I don’t know. And I struggle with this and since it is mostly your info that is not getting out as fast as it should, I thought to ask you about it.

A: Oh, I certainly can help you with this. But I have a question of my own for you before I answer yours:

What is different when you DO manage to write something?

Z: Everything! I might have months and months of struggling and then, one morning I just wake up and I feel different. I feel ready.

A: And then?

Z: And then it’s usually quite easy. I sit down and write. It’s not exactly effortless. Getting the info is “heavy lifting”. And getting it all straight in my mind takes a lot of work. The writing itself is easy enough. And then there’s a bit of editing and cleaning up to make sure the words represent, as perfectly as possible, the concepts that I originally received. So it takes work, certainly. But it flows and I feel I can do it.

A: So it goes from sticky and impossible to suddenly quite doable.

Z: Yes, exactly.

A: And? What changes? What are you doing differently on these occaisions when it is doable?

Z: I was hoping you could tell me. Then I can just always do whatever that is and I’ll just be able to get on with my writing!

A: (Adamu laughs, a big, old, kindly, belly laugh) Oh my dear, sweet child. Do you not see? You are not doing anything different when you can successfully write. It is simply so that you have some wildly inappropriate expectations the rest of the time. You believe that there should be a release through you, and from me, within some kind of a regular time period that you can control. But this is just not so.

When I speak through you, I do not simply speak to human consciousness. I speak at very specific intervals when human consciousness is ready for what I have to say. Sometimes, when consciousness is transforming relatively rapidly on Earth, I might have a rapid succession of things to say. Then you will be kept busy by me. Sometimes there are blockages that need to be worked out in the collective consciousness of humanity, and what I have to say must wait. Then there is a longer pause. The point is, these things cannot be rushed. And it will most certainly not do to offer information before it’s time. This might actually cause more harm than good.

And then, too, sometimes things are moving along exactly as they should, and nothing need be said for some time.

Beloved one. We are not playing at fun and games here! Nothing is by accident and nothing is random about any of this. We are engaged in a very highly purposeful, highly intentional, process.

So I ask you to entirely let go of the idea that my releases through you should follow a pattern of regularity that you can depend upon. They will not. They will come when I decide the time is right. And, as you have seen, trying to “force it” doesn’t get you anything. You must be patient. And, alas, so must your readers.

So, patience is the first thing that will be required of you going forward. Beyond that I have, what I am sure you will find to be, a very useful recommendation for you.

A Recommendation

Instead of thinking that you must put some time aside to write every day, rather set time aside each day which you call your “tuning in to listen” time. Sit in front of your laptop for this time as it is your style, and what works for you, to record in writing the things that you receive. But please note: you are not sitting down “to write”. You are sitting down “to listen”. If you find what you receive in such a session to be worth recording… write it down. Then do with that as you see fit. If, for example, what you receive on that occasion, takes our central conversation forward, then add that to my communications. If you find what you have written brings that conversation to a logical break, then we will consider that a “chapter” and you can release that to your readers. If, on the other hand, what you receive on that occasion is only relevant to you and your growth, then this is most certainly not of “less value” than an item for public consumption! Rather this is of MORE VALUE, as this is a part of you, fulfilling your core purpose. Which is your own self-healing and spiritual growth. Do remember, as you contemplate this, that you are only able to help others, only able to offer healing, only able to receive shareable information to the degree that you are healing yourself and aligning yourself with your divine, Inner-Self. So, working on yourself must come first. Your spiritual awakening IS your purpose. Everything else, including gifting information to others, is secondary. A beneficial, secondary consequence that comes as a by-product of your true purpose. Nothing more. Nothing less.,,,,[READ MORE]