Nov 22, 2017 | Nov 21, 2017 | Earthquake WARNING: US struck by 134 tremors in ONE WEEK on most DANGEROUS fault | .. THE MOST dangerous fault line in California has been shaken by a staggering 134 earthquakes in just one week, according to the US Geological Survey .. |

Last week a series of 10 mini-earthquakes struck Monterey County in the US state, raising fears a monster tremor could devastate the region.

A powerful, 4.6 magnitude quake 13 miles northeast of Gonzales, along the San Andreas Fault, was the largest to strike the region.

The San Andreas Fault – a 750-mile fissure that runs the length of California – is thought to be long overdue a “Big One” earthquake measuring magnitude 7 or greater.

Since last week, a whopping 134 earthquakes within three miles of that 4.6 tremor were recorded, USGS said....[READ MORE]