Nov 8, 2017

Carles Crescenti Savall | Oct 28, 2017 | ~ Crida democràcia ~ | .. Hello world! A new European state is born: the Republic of Catalonia. Welcome this young nation and ask your country to recognize it by sharing this video! #WelcomeCatalonia .. | Blogger: This outcry and video is NOT only about 'MISSATGE DE CRIDA PER LA DEMOCRÀCIA'.. Voice of the woman:".. We also seek a law seeking gender equality like in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, but The Constitutional Court of Spain (Spanish: Tribunal Constitucional de España), at the request of the Mariano Rajoy's government, repealed that one too (as many as 25 essentials laws of the welfare of our people has been repealed). The response has always been the same ""NO""... |