Oct 31, 2017

Verdensalt | Oct 31, 2017 | Let the cleansing begin! -- recent revelations - it's like poured gasoline into the fire pit, which cause an explosion. Is the house of cards collapsing? | Blogger: #pedogate #pizzagate #childtrafficking #paytoplay #Westminsterpaedophilering #satanism #occult #luciferian #nwo #maga# -- all real!!. PedoGate is a global network of pedophile rings for Very Important People (VIP) in every nation of the earth.. Then there’s that “performance art” event at the 2011 annual gala of the Museum of Contemporary Art, wake-up call, organized by Abramović and pop singer Debbie Harry, in which participants, including Hollywood “celebrities” like Pamela Anderson, simulated cannibalism by eating pieces of life-size cakes made in the images of Abramović and Harry and much, much more ... | RT: Sexual harassment isn’t just a Westminster problem... it plagues local govt too – councilor | TODAY: Corey Feldman Appears On Main Stream Media - Opens Up About His Plan To Expose Hollywood Pedophile Ring | Mark Dice: Hollywood Celebrity, Kevin Spacey, Outed As A Pedophile, Using Homosexuality To Cover Up Crime | The Guardian: Coronation Street actor Bruno Langley charged with sexual assault | The Telegraph: SNP confirms two sexual harassment investigations are underway | Newsweek: 'TRUMP IS A SEXUAL PREDATOR,' ALEC BALDWIN SAYS DURING INTERVIEW ABOUT JAMES TOBACK |

Corey Feldman Opens Up About His Plan To Expose Hollywood Pedophiles | TODAY


Kevin Spacey is Scum of the Earth