August 19, 2017

End Time Headlines | Aug 19, 2017 | Most severe blackout since 1999 leaves 6.8 million people without power in Taiwan... | Blogger: You haven't seen anything yet - get ready to US FEMA exercise known as “EarthEX2017” that will simulate “catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks”... |

A massive power outage left more than 6 million people across 17 counties and cities without electricity for about five hours Tuesday evening. This is the country’s most severe blackout since the 1999 Jiji earthquake. A massive power blackout, after staff failed to switch the computerized valve to manual control when replacing a power supply unit, left millions without electricity on the island of Taiwan amid sweltering heat.

Some 6.8 million people across 17 counties and cities were left without electricity for about five hours. Electricity was restored by 10 pm.Taiwan is in the process of implementing a long-term policy to get rid of nuclear power and boost its solar-power capacity. But how it seems, the energy transition is risky and is calling for a slower change over. The Minister of Economics Affairs Chih-kung Lee resigned Tuesday evening amid the power crisis.....[READ MORE]