Jan 31, 2017

Could we have LIMITLESS energy in 13 years? Doughnut-shaped device to 'put fusion power into the grid' by 2030 (Blogger: In Other News: Battery-powered revolution: Tesla storage plant to power 15K Californian homes. Small batteries make big difference for Californians as Tesla storage plant goes live providing power for 15k homes. The pilot project is aimed at curbing power outages and replacing fossil-fueled grids. Tesla’s 80 megawatt storage station at Mira Loma substation uses 400 of the company’s new Powerpack 2 lithium-ion batteries, and works by sucking up the power generated by renewables such as wind and solar energy during the day and feeding it back into the system on demand when the sun sets..)

The firm's reactor will use 'spherical tokamaks' – an experimental machine designed to harness the energy of fusion. Pictured is the magnetic coil structure of the ST40 with plasma (purple) inside. The magnetic coils make a trap for the hot plasma, keeping it away from the walls

  • Tokamak Energy's device uses magnets to heat plasma to 15 million°C
  • The firm claims that its spherical design is a 'fast route to fusion'
  • It is working on a nuclear reactor that it says will be built by 2025