Dec 15, 2016

The Fed Just Signaled The Collapse Of The Economy, Brace For Impact - Episode 1152a (Blogger: War on 'Cash' & 'negative interest rates'... We can see that in Denmark, ALL companies (25% of total businesses) with accounts in largest bank in the Nordic region - Nordea AB - must pay to have money in the bank. e.g. Nordea has decided that there will be negative deposit rates for all the bank's business customers. It runs counter to the bank's announcement weeks ago... We understand negative interest rates are destroying the profit for the bank and soon, ALL private banking customers ( 10 mio.) will soon fall into the gutter, aswell. Like i've have been saying for a long time, take all your cash out of your bank, Investing in property is generally good bet or perhaps noble metal...)

Published on Dec 14, 2016
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Report date: 12.14.2016

The British member of parliament has now pushed the idea that the BREXIT was influenced by a Russian hack. Retail sales much lower than expected, during the holiday season which included black Friday and cyber Monday. Mortgage applications continue to decline, more people do not have the ability to purchase a home. Industrial production declines for the 15th month in a row. The Fed raises interest rates which signals the collapse of the economy, brace for impact. Harry Dent believes the market will drop down to 17,000 points.