Dec 16, 2016

"Fake News", #Pizzagate, Legal Human Microchipping....

Posted: 15 Dec 2016 08:00 PM PST
A Tracking Bill disturbingly passed Congress on Dec. 8th, 2016, and is now on its way to the US Senate. Bill HR 4919, titled “Kevin and Avonte’s Law of 2016”, contains clauses which establish the creation of a legal tracking system for Americans. 

The tracking bill introduces “tracking devices” which are “non-invasive” and “non-permanent” (although per the frog in the slowly boiling pot, these programs always begin out slowly and end up becoming tyrannical).

Under the guise of helping “missing Americans with dementia and developmental disabilities”, the tracking bill allows the Attorney General (head of the Department of Justice, which is part of the Executive governmental branch) to set standards and develop programs to track the movements of certain people.

The people to be tracked are adults with dementia and developmental disabilities (such as Alzheimer’s) and children with autism.
Posted: 15 Dec 2016 07:00 PM PST
While the mainstream media has been leading an effort to silence and shut down those who would dare to report on a “dangerous” “fake news” scandal surrounding what has become known as “Pizzagate,” it seems that illegal sexual conduct has been repeatedly tied back to Washington insiders and political operatives.

Just take a look at this report by CNN’s Anderson Cooper from 2011 about a controversy surrounding child porn from inside the power structure.

Today, such a story might be simply disregarded as “false,” without a further look…