January 25, 2015

Anti-NWO Documentary - Gray State: The Rise (Rough Cut) Directed by David Crowley - Working Youtube Video!!!

Published January 25, 2015 by Verdensalt.dk

Gray State: The Rise (Rough Cut) Directed by David Crowley ( one of few Youtube link that works)

I'm feeling left in the dark here! Two movies same topics..Anti-NWO movies... One movie theater version about the aftermath when Policestate and FEMA takes effect and one documentary about the movie

Facts(as we know of): Documentary David Crowley was working on 'Gray State' full public movie theater version since 2010 AND one supposedly teaser 'Documentary RAW UNCUT' movie which was released this week, both in the name of 'Gray State'. The Documentary movie "The Rise" made in 2014, and created for the public to get an idea on directions before the REAL deal (movie) came out in the movie theaters - RIGHT? David Crowley, then supposedly killed his wife, 5 year old child and himself. Friends, family and co-workers have said they do not believe it. That he was a great person, with a promising career and an extremely happy homelife. They believe he was murdered

I don't care about the allegations and speculations about, its was all CIA bait and switch -  Crowley (helped start Satanism) etc. etc.  

Why The 'Rough Cut' DOX is so great, well, they dare to speak up, when the rest of us is silenced. Movie picks up on highly contaminated subject like ...... (read the hole blogpost)

If NWO minions wanted the story writer dead, it was because of this DOX not the suppose Hollywood movie, soon to come out... besides VT.com and policestateusa.com, eclinik.com follow-ups, i have no clue what's going on here!!!
David Crowley, an Army veteran, said on a Alex Jones interview in 2012 that the film will not portray the military as an evil force but will take place after a societal collapse.
Think FEMA camps, martial law, guillotines, revolution, mind control and you’re in the right ballpark.
(Thats the movie his is talking about? not the Documentary)
I have watch the movie trailer and also personally watched the documentary 'Gray State: The Rise (Rough Cut) '  I can honestly say, this DOX, puts the government right in the spotlight and this proclaimed truth which implicates NWO government would be very hard for them to deny... there's not physically evidence in the documentary, but, have not personally stumbled on one thing, that in my book, are wrongly stated by 'truthseekers' insinuations from the many people who have been interviewed.

Do You want the truh, hole truth and nothing else but the truth! Its a absolute must-see Documentray. The DOX and Movie "Gray State" are not to be confused and are not the same movies.  

This DOX Gray State: The Rise is not only about USA!!!...It's about governments arround the world, holding us "The People" sedated under their rullings, media outltes, to keep us getting around the actual truth, decapitated our freedom and human rights of living freely,  uncontrolled and self independent... But if You do seek the truth and turn your back against the government.. they will find you and destroy your life, cause they are the masters and we are the slaves....
"In the 20th century alone, 262 million people have been killed by governements. Not in wars or defensive operations, this goverment vs. unarmed people."
"One death is tragedy; one million is a statistic." Joseph Stalin
 "The individual matters - not a thing - that's why they define peace, as the silence, imprisonment or death of their enemy" (on of the people interviewed) 
- Slavery all boil down to one word - dependence...

Why The 'Rough Cut' DOX is so great, well, they dare to speak up, when the rest of us is silenced. Movie picks up on highly contaminated subjects like 911, afghanistan, iraq, depleted uranium, mainstraim media, government control & suppressed tyranny, us soldier indoctrination, government fund and drug operations (black Ops)..... and you don't have to be a american to understand the bullshit

Movie are centered on truthseekers, political activists, alternativ resporters, etc. perhaps you regonize some og them here: Story tellings seem to focus on Adam Miller - Political Activist as one main contributor....
"Power is the banking, media, politics. If You own the banks, you can buy the media and the politicians. If You own the media, you can control what people see, think, you can largely shape the culture, you can create and shape peoples fears, desires, the perceptions that they have. In 1995 there was a senate investigation committee - Church hearings - that actual uncovers that the CIA was paid under the table, from mainstream media outlets, 250M dollars per year, to act as gatekeepers and propagandas - in today's terms that's a billion dollar a year. Ofcourse they say, don't do that anymore, but its folish to think, that they don't. Why do You think, that the Top Stories, are the Top Stories on all the major networks? (one of the interviews)
"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, i believe there would be a revoution before tomorrow morning."- Henry Ford
System 2: Personality (mark 34:26)
System 3: Liberty

David Crowley - Writer/Director ( diseased )
Danny August Mason - Producer Gray State The Rise

Some of the people who are interviewed: 
Kurt Bills - 2012 US Seneate Candiate,
Dam Kokesh - Adam vs The Man.com
Mike Vanderboeagh - Former Communist Organizer
Adam Miller - Political Activist
Erik Pakieser - 25 year Police/Military Veteran
Sean Wright - Political Activist, WeAReChange, MN
Ron Paul - Former Congressman, TX
Col. Douglas MacGregor - US Army (Ret)
Charlie Skelton - Reporter The Guardian
David Crowley - Writer/Director
Mark Dice - Author big Brother The Orwellian Nightmare
Erik Pakieser - Firearms Instructor, QSI
Jordan Page - Musician, Political Activist
Stewart Rhodes - Founder Oath
Adam vs The man
Thomas Woods - American Historian and Author
Jason Bermas - Filmmaker
Jeff Gigler -Former CIA Intelligence Officer
"Every child should be educated to obey authority."- Josiah Quincy - Boston Mayor and Harvard President, year?
"We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good." - Hillary Clinton. "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."
 "People who are not engaged in critical thinking are easy to control. It is easy to train them by their emotions, to be dependent helpless, and willingly uninformed - This is how they tear down a once proud and independent peopl - into a collectivitst slave class"