November 22, 2015

The fear mongering has no end game. Why are the populace still in Fear and Denial?

Snips from news around the world on recent installment from our beloved "Secret shadow" governments in EU/USA trying to goad dubious actions by letting mass media lie for them, enforcing Police & Military Fearporn & Warmongering intervention for Control, Lockdown and Panic....The Globalist agenda is to control and manage the entire population of the World...Misleading and deceptive advertisement by Cabal to take focus away from the real secret NWO agenda in play at Cop21, Bilderberg, CHOGM Malta 2015, Informal meeting of the Heads of State or Government, WHO, IMF, Asean summit (TPP) AND UNHCR....

Amazing... Crawling with world news feeds, "terror tooth" -  feral, ravenous, spiked monster sent by Divatox (Cabal) to eat the Turbo Rangers (feasting on energy from people's survival ego defense mechanisms and fear)....belowed links only last 5 days... What could happen in the next 5 days ahead? Who's Getting Rich?...Explanations for this sort of shoddy journalisme fall into three classes 1: ) Sensationalism-it sells 2:) Ideology -  journalist detest profit motive; and 3:) Ignorance - they don't know better... for the handfull of Media Conglomerates... its all about censorship, NWO agenda and Fear factor..For the military industrial complex companies its all about profit and survival... Cabal/Wall Street Companies - contuine to run the scam of world's financial markets with rigged/manipulated and clearly based on evil computer calculus...Others - geopolitical strategy games of Power and Greed...Geopolitical World Power Elite government tyranny - It's like having a pedofile ring in the Dark web, everyone is in line to protect eachother - secretly, everyone get's their fix, not staying behind the Yellow Line (like our government representatives), means penalities...  

Nov 23, 2015:

WHO 'failed to alert' global community about Ebola outbreak allowing virus to spread further – panel
Man opens fire inside Florida hospital, facility on lockdown A Tampa, Florida hospital is on lockdown after a man opened fire inside the building, according to local news reports. The shooter appears to have died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Ukraine nuclear power plants ‘dangerously’ without power as towers feeding energy to Crimea blown up. In an eerie reminder of a possible nuclear catastrophe, a senior Ukrainian energy official revealed that the attack on transmission towers that cut off the delivery of electricity from Ukraine to Crimea also created an emergency situation at nuclear power plants. Read Full Article at

Mass shooting at Bunny Friend Park: Reports of up to 16 people shot at New Orleans playground party. At least 16 people were shot in New Orleans, Louisiana when gunmen opened fire on a crowd of hundreds of people gathered in a playground for a video filming. Local media describe a chaotic scene, with the injured on the ground and ambulances rushing away.

Nov 22, 2015:
UK to splurge 30% more on anti-terror budget, buy F-35s - amid brutal social spending cuts -
The British government says it will boost anti-terrorism spending by 30 percent, including buying new stealth fighter jets. The announcement comes on the eve of expected massive spending cuts that could decimate public services 

Terrorists 'planned to detonate three bombs inside German stadium' - theguardian 

Danish Police neutralize suspicious object at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Berlingske News
Copenhagen Police investigated Sunday morning a suspicious object on Strandgade and Sankt Annægade...

10 militants from ISIS-linked gang killed in anti-terror op in Russia’s North Caucasus - Russian special forces have killed 10 militants from a gang that swore allegiance to Islamic State. The counter-terrorist operation is continuing in a mountainous region near the city of Nalchik in Russia’s North Caucasus.

London's Gatwick Airport evacuated over fire alarm - reports -

Turkish Airlines flight from NYC to Istanbul diverted to Halifax after bomb threat - nydailynews

Nov 21, 2015:
Massive Blackout In Crimea After Transmission Towers 'Blown Up' By Unknown Parties - ibtimes

Brussels put on maximum alert on risk of Paris-like attack - reuters

Liberia suffers new Ebola cases, 2.5 months after being declared free of disease -

Nov 20, 2015:
Gunfire, explosions, hostage situation as jihadists attack luxury Radisson hotel in Mali
RTL France is quoting Carlson Rezidor Group, the company owning the hotel, as saying that two people are holding 140 visitors and 30 hotel employees hostage.

Paris Attacks: France At Risk Of Chemical Or Bacterial Warfare, Prime Minister Manuel Valls Warns - huffingtonpost

Targeting children: ISIS uses dolls as booby-trap bombs to attack mass Shia pilgrimage
Iraqi forces prevented a major Islamic State (previously ISIS/ISIL) attack.

US, Canada and Ukraine reject UN resolution condemning glorification of Nazism; Moscow ‘bewildered - beforeitsnews

Security council unanimously calls on UN members to fight Isis - theguardian
Resolution drafted by France after deadly Paris attacks calls for ‘all necessary measures’ to be taken against extremist group on the territory it controls

‘Suspicious situation’ at Copenhagen stations - thelocal
Armoured police were called out to Copenhagen's Nørreport and Østerport Stations on Friday night after receiving a report of three masked men

Limited free movement: European Union to strengthen border control to fight terrorism - The News Telegraph

DC left on edge after internal police memo warning of four men acting 'suspiciously' in Pentagon metro station is leaked online two days after ISIS said the capital was a target -

Sweden to set up border controls for migrants -
Swedish authorities plan to impose temporary border controls to help the country cope with "record" numbers of refugees, the interior minister says. The minister has also urged EU countries to take "responsibility."