Jul 18, 2015

What… MH17… Again?… Breaking News from Veterans Today…(How Reuters Lied About MH17) - July 18, 2015 CET

These just happened to “pop up”, so I though I’d post titles and a highlight or two. My theory has always been that MH17 was downed by flying saucers piloted by internet trolls. And that’s that.

MH 17 Cover Up Blasted Open by New Video, So much to hide Updated
“Full video clip (censored) reputed to claim a plane shot down MH17. VT had it right in August 2014.

“the Australian news outlet News.com.au has published what it claims to be the transcript of the ”17-minute video shot by the rebels themselves on a camcorder as they captured what they initially believed to be a Ukrainian air force fighter jet they had just shot down”… If true, the conversations made on camera prove that the alleged self-defense fighters arrived at the site of the Boeing crash searching for the Ukrainian Sukhoi fighter

“…man is quoted as saying that “there’s two planes taken down,” while a voice in the background says, “the fighter jet brought down this one [MH17 Boeing], and our people brought down the fighter. They [the Ukrainians] decided to do it this way, to make it look like we have brought down the plane.””
March 2015, How Reuters Lied About MH17
“A Lugansk Region resident, whom Reuters cites as saying he saw evidence of a surface-to-air missile launched from rebel-held territory on the day MH17 was downed, told RT the news agency gave a false report of his interview.

“”When we talked about the Boeing on camera, I explained everything as it was. The things that I allegedly said off-camera were just made up by the journalist. It’s all lies. Off-camera, we never discussed the Boeing,” Fedotov told RT.”

Source: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/