July 28, 2015

The New Earth Times ~ Monday, July 27, 2015 ~ Edition #8(Mother: Negative websites and "channels" who predict dire things like total collapse of the financial systems or approach of an asteroid or planet (Nibiru) that will wipe out Earth. These nonsensical scare stories are ridiculous, you know, because we simply would not allow such things to happen)

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Mother's Mini-Message #19:  Prepare Yourselves! 
Mother's Mini-Message #19:  Prepare Yourselves!  
By Mother God

Dearest Ones, I come to you today with my heart filled with Love for you.  You have been patient, compassionate and kind through tremendously difficult times.  You were required to wait far longer for your Prosperity Funds than we originally thought, but you understand now that every delay brings greater safety for your funds and a cleaner field to operate in as you begin to give your gifts to the world.  How often have you changed the names on your private list of people you would like to share your prosperity with?  How much have your relationships changed in the past year or two?

Do you not feel further along on your path of understanding about your history and your glorious efforts as a group to raise your vibrations in order to lift your whole world?  We see enormous changes occurring across the planet.  Yes, a small group of the darkest and most damaged souls linger in delusion, anger and arrogance; they are determined to triumph in a mission that has long been prophesied to fail utterly.  They are regrettably unable to see the Light all around them or to embrace our many offers of mercy, should they agree to give up their futile stand against the Light.  It was what you might call an offer they couldn't refuse, but yet they have. 

Do not think, Beloveds, that we are looking the other way while these few play out every card in their deck.  This story ends in glory, as we are fond of saying.  I cannot possibly explain to you all the variables and complexities, individual stories and dispensations that are coming to fruition at this time.  Every person is different, with an individual history, soul standing, and each requires special consideration, just as we do with you.  Of course, there are Universal Laws that must be considered, but I can assure you that now you are entering a phase in which all stories are unwinding, all bets have been placed, and the final hand is being played in this era of the Great Earth Project.

You are probably aware of the bizarre humming or shrieking sounds you are hearing, like a high-pitched buzz saw resonating in your brain.  It has been several days since the cabal began this rather pathetic organized blast to try to derail everyone.  You have used our instructions well - you have learned to ride out the annoyance, rise higher upward in your Pillar of Light, and let it just roll on by.  It is a demonstration of your maturity and resolve that you have handled any ruffling of your feathers with maturity and grace.  We are truly impressed with the steadiness you are developing, the way you monitor your feelings and actions with unwavering focus.  Just a year ago, many of you would have believed this kind of mindfulness and command would be impossible for you, or for anyone.

Your courageous Boots on the Ground in politics, finance and other public arenas have made steady progress toward the final dramatic shift that will change everything in your world.  You have been promised new, fair legal systems, an end to the corporation that has been the United States government and others around the world of similar design.  It is a massive change that is coming, and I take pleasure in talking about it with you because you have needed gradual preparation to make the shifts to a higher dimensional life.  You who are reading my words and who have followed closely the developments of the story of the coming New Golden Age are champing at the bit to see it all unfold, but there are many others who are just now awakening, and they will need your calm and knowing approach when things suddenly become unrecognizable to them.

There are still negative websites and "channels" who predict dire things like total collapse of the financial systems (they are in fact simply going to change to something much more transparent and fair) or the approach of an asteroid or planet (Nibiru) that will wipe out Earth.  These nonsensical scare stories are ridiculous, you know, because we simply would not allow such things to happen.  The Galactic fleet knows how to deflect an incoming asteroid, and has often done so to protect you, their beloved Brothers and Sisters.  They are also now stabilizing your planet so that she will not tip on her axis until you are all safely taken to your Light Chambers for renewal and restoration, either in Inner Earth with the Agarthans or on the waiting ships.

You have probably seen stories about numerous "UFO" sightings, which are increasing by the day.  Our beloved Ashtar is working with us to provide more incidents of clear sightings across the globe, to prepare everyone gently for the coming Landings.  By the time your Galactic teams arrive, there will be few on the planet who haven't seen a space ship above their own town or city.  It is exciting, isn't it? 

We are also insuring that everyone is aware of our peaceful intentions.  There will be no invasion, no kidnappings, no scare tactics to inspire dread in the population.  Those actions were all carried out by the cabal as "false flag" incidents, through the development of their own clandestine space program.  Your planet has been completely protected from invasion by any foreign powers since the 90's, when this era of darkness had been contracted to end.  Decrees and agreements were put in place to prevent the dark ones from interfering any longer in the civil workings of Earth.

What you are seeing now is the last gasp of the dark ones - humans and their clones and abominations created in the underground laboratories - in their final days.  I ask you all to consider now what principles you will put forth and adhere to in the new world.  What fair practices will you include in your work life, your relationships and the way you raise your children?  How will you conduct yourselves when there is no need to work like a slave, and everyone is in the same circumstances?  Will you know how to play and rejoice with your family and friends?  Will you feel at a loss without the constant demands on your time?

I suggest that you begin to prepare yourselves for the enormous external changes, which require equally significant changes within.  Listen carefully to the song by Michael Jackson called "The Man in the Mirror."   The lyrics are below as our Quote of the Day.  It is the mantra that will help you to rise above old patterns of belief and action.  The song carries the powerful energy of our Archangel Michael.  I think you will find it very inspiring and worth your close attention.

Enjoy your days, Dear Ones, while you prepare yourselves for freedom and prosperity.  We are beside you always, cheering you on.

 I am here with Father, in admiration and Love for all humankind.  I am your Mother God.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, July 27, 2015

There is more, however  i have only sent out Mother Mary message