May 31, 2015

Bill Gates - a pandemic could kill 10 million EXCESS people - May 31, 2015

Bill Gates fears global pandemic could wipe out 33 million

At the above link, at the 1:09 mark in the video, Bill Gates slips up and says "this is the most likely thing to kill 10 million EXCESS people".

And why 33 million? Isn't that a bit Kabbalistic / Masonic?


Bill Gates and Chemtrails – A Connection Deeper Than You Could Ever Imagine, 8 Dec 2014 CET

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WOW… we know that Bill Gates is involved heavily in the global vaccination program, which is just a trojan horse for a massive global depopulation program (See this article from YourNewsWire).  He is also funding MASSIVE GMO food programs (also depopulation – see this YourNewsWire article), which is why the recent revelations about his connections to chemtrails (possibly more depopulation) isn’t as surprising as it should be.

In an article written by Rumor Mill News titled “Bill Gates Funding Chemtrails Program – Global Warming is a LIE” [2], the author makes some connections between Gates and chemtrails you really need to read.

The article states:

The latest scam to enter the debate about so-called “global warming” involves spending billions of dollars to spray the atmosphere with tiny particulate matter for the alleged purpose of reflecting sunlight back into space, and thus cooling the planet. But research into this controversial practice of “chemtrailing,” which has actually already been going on for quite some time now, is largely funded directly by Mr. Vaccine himself, the infamous Bill Gates.
The U.K.’s Guardian paper reports that Gates, who is a huge advocate of global intervention programs that forcibly affect large people groups whether they like it or not, has been spending untold millions of dollars from his own personal fortune to fund research into geo-engineering programs. These funds are being used to study things like how much it will cost every year to blast the skies with tiny particles of sulfur dioxide, a toxic industrial byproduct linked to serious respiratory illnesses like asthma (
Gates and his small cadre of allies, which include co-founder of Skype Niklas Zennstrom and owner of the Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson, reportedly spend exorbitant amounts of cash every year trying to push geo-engineering initiative across the globe. They claim that if nations like the U.S. will not cut greenhouse gas emissions by tremendous amounts, the spraying of toxic poisons into the atmosphere will be necessary to thwart impending disaster.
The entire concept of geo-engineering to save the planet is utter hogwash, of course. This is true not only because “global warming” itself has proven to be a man-made scam, but also because literally blocking sunlight for the stated purpose of reflecting the warmth of its rays back into space makes no logical or scientific sense.
Learn more: [1]
Another report found here:
Bill Gates admits to chemtrails | Hang The Bankers | He Who Controls the Money Supply, Controls the World [3]
 This is the man who last year told us we need to be at zero CO2 levels. He must think we are stupid as nothing would grow in a zero CO2 environment.
This is also the same man who created a “back door” for Windows Operating Systems for your computer so Big Brother can snoop on you without your permission or knowing. Not to mention he wants you and your children to take deadly vaccine shots.
 Why do you think he was allowed to become so wealthy and successful? He is one of them…that’s why.
He has to go.
3 strikes and your out Bill.
He belong in jail where he can do no more harm to us and our planet.
Pay attention to his friends because birds of a feather flock together. 




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