December 23, 2014

Helen Caldicott – Fukushima: Crisis Without End (31:57) This is heavy stuff guys!! It will literally blow Your mind!!!!!!!!!

This stuff is really Draconian/cabal/illuminati draconian/cabal/illuminati endgame depopulation campaign......

"....I live on the Pacific, a fishing villages in Australia, and we can easily be eating radioactive fish, in a year, two or three, You can't taste radioaction in fish, radioactivable Developments... once it get's into your body and deposit in organs, concentrated in various organs... its takes two --> eighty years to develop cancer. That the incubation time for cancer ... so it' cryptogenic silienes ... silent killer radiations.... BUT, If I coaf on you and you got my flu or cold within two days time..."

"There is a law in Japan, reporters who report on Fukusihima, get jail time, up to 10 years.....Huge cover-up in USA and Japan... Obama is a nuclear President, got $250K from Exxon, Hillary Clinton signed a deal with Japan continue to import Japanese food..... Japanese food is VERY radioactive like ris, seafood, seaweed or anything!!!! ... 1. If there is another major earthquake in japan meaning disaster and the northern hemisphere. 2.It's a ongoing disaster, there will be hundred of thousands of cases of cancer, leukemia, baby born deformed, genetic diseases... Like a very important report from chernobyl, shows now that over 1 million of people have died of the result of cherobyl incident (26 years after) and if you convert that to Japan, lucky the to first days, the wind blow east pacific coast to Seattle that went up more than 40.000 times the normal radiation level .... after that it went inland of Japan, Japanese Government keept it hidden for people where the radiation went, so people just fled... so, comparison to cherobyl, Fukusihima will have same outcome".... 

"There is no testing program, no monitoring program in IPA, only by private groups, be aware also - americium was found in Boston... Helen then speaks from Nuclear war scenario.. where Russia and USA was involved and close to real nuclear attack.... example:  US to lunch a weather satelite from Norway , Russia picked up a Triton missile that went up .... ( fractional parts of Helen's the speach ) . USA has 14 USS Triton submarines... first strikes, dead hand, decapitation strike, Obama open the "Nuclear football" for the first time... 3 minutes to end life on earth, 3 seconds before the 3 minutes windows, the missile went ofcourse ..... that's how fractale life is ...... on 9/11 Strategic Air Command went on DEFCON 2 (second highest before 1 = pushing the bottom) - nobody knew what was happent - totally fear.....How dare they talk about terrorist now... what would JFK have done... Why is these people thing they can kill??" 

"I once called Carl Sagan who is a friend of mine, and ask him if there is any other life on the universe.. he paused for a long time.. and he said NO.. I said why? - He answer, if the was any life and it envolved to a stage as humans are now.... they would kill themselves...    Helen Caldicott