Apr 16, 2024

🏰πŸ”₯πŸ—Ό (Notre-Dame Spire-Moment. A Comm?) SoTW; To the world who just woke up... ~ Apr 16, 2024 ~ |

Editor's Note:  So how can fire "suddenly" break out at Copenhagen's 400-year-old stock market building which is the most iconic and protected in DK. When, 100s of people constantly are working inside at the stock exchange and outside during renovation? Fire chief or the authorities are already "blaming" the roof blacksmiths. So was the fire man-made or a natural disaster? A WH or BH ops? Look. It's HM Queen Margrethe's 84th birthday today. First B-day after abdication and she has cancelled today's celebrations. There's something fishy going on here...

I'm just spitballing here... Every now and then, Russia and Ukraine accuses each other of planning 'false flag' attacks... (just so you know Flase Flags exist since The Gunpowder Plot of 1605)... Seymour Hersh says U.S. caused explosion in the Nord Stream Pipelines (hence, FF ops)... We know ex-CIA Robert David Steele said Notre Dame was a false flag... Ole Damsgaard and Joachim Bartoll will tell you, that, 2022 Copenhagen mall shooting was fake... Nyhetsspeilet - a norwegian fact-checking magazine since 2009 - has 100% proof Anders Breivik and the July 22 Norway Massacre was a false flag. (and recent 2 attacks in Sydney).  

Soooo - what are the odds of a fire? Before fire broke out, 10 construction workers was working on the roof and NOBODY saw anything? Not long ago, 2 bomb threats led to a brief lockdown of the Norwegian parliament. Today, all train traffic throughout Norway is paralyzed due to an error in the communication system... just saying... |

SoTW - private pics + videos -  SoTW was physically on location in Copenhagen at noon today 

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