Apr 15, 2024

πŸ©ΈπŸ—‘️⚰️ (Here's something we all know but nobody talks about) Human Sacrifice and Warfare is somehow connected to The Satanic Ritual Calendar ~ Apr 15, 2024 ~ |


Editor's Note: Where is the Light Forces, Earth Alliance and Galactic Federation to protect Earthlings? I forgot - we're on our own... 

INSANE times - especially in Australia, Middle East and elsewhere. As SoTW understand and have heard for many years now Australia–New Zealand is THE-TEST-GROUND for Cabal's operations and False Flags (2020 - 2023 = The Corona Corporation). "New Zealand mosque shooting in Christ church" (+ many more). 

In other words - everything that is TESTED to the public and measured the "response" of submission in A + NZ will be implemented, to the rest of the Cabal world - there you have it... |

Priest Stabbed During Livestream 


‘It’s time to try to end the war’

Sudan conflict

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