Jan 27, 2024

πŸ›ƒ⚔️🚧 (American Civil War 2024 Black Swan Event?) SoTW; Just a quick update then! 2022 convoy protest known as the "Freedom Convoy" is heading to the border. Canada/US trucker convoy who once went cross-country trip to protesting Covid rules is back. The Free State of Texas is gaining momentum. Farmers is also gathered in many hundreds and thousands in support of tractors across various European countries in protests over pay, climate regulations and red tape ~ Jan 27, 2024 ~ |


EDITOR'S NOTE: Buuut, is the Texas migrant drama a DS or WH distraction?... Biden backs Senate border deal, vows to 'shut down the border' when overwhelmed... The thought I have though is that it all seems a little staged. Why wasn’t this done months or years ago? It sure stopped the problem pretty quickly. I know some will say “because the sleepers had to be shown”. But in the meantime, how many hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are now in the US? I’m guessing there is another agenda here that is not yet clear... |

(WW3.INFO Battlefield Research) 'BREAKING - Members of the US paramilitary forces, and there are tens of thousands of them in the country, have massively responded to the call of the Texas National Guard and are arriving at the border with Mexico, where they will be formed into volunteer units as part of Operation Lone Star. '

(Professor Patriot) 'Texas has their own law enforcement and Texas National Guard, 10 other states' NG, 25 Governors, Trump, Tucker, a handful of federal legislators, 700,000 truckers, tens of thousands of paramilitary soldiers and now, the border partrol union and this surely will grow. Texas also has a huge number of armed citizens, their own partitioned grid, oil, gas, refineries, agriculture, great infrastructure, ports, a great economy and Texas orneryness. Pretty formidable so far.'


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